They Took A Cat To Be Euthanized, But The Friendly Vet Saved Him

they brought cat euthanize veterinarian saved

While a group of people were feeding a colony of stray cats, they noticed a sweet orange cat that had one of its paws injured. Concerned about his condition, seeing that he was in excruciating pain from his injuries, they considered taking him to the vet to be euthanized. Fortunately, vet Matt McGlasson had a better idea when he encountered the feline.

After healing and doing a little checkup on the cat, Dr. McGlasson was made very clear that there was no reason not to help him, so he decided to heal his wounds and take care of the feline. . Then he would search for the perfect home for the cat to finally live a happy life forever.

Dr McGlasson told The Dodo:

“My team knows I have a thing for cats; in fact, we rescued and rehabilitated four kittens during COVID while our kids were at school from home. They asked the customer to give me the cat.”

They took a cat to be euthanized and the vet saved it

Veterinarian saves the life cat

Thanks to suggestions from his followers on TikTok, Dr. McGlasson called the cat Nemo. Unfortunately, and despite all efforts, Nemo’s leg had to be amputated, luckily the operation was successful and the clinic staff were eager to help Nemo in his new life with three legs.

Nemo was recovering satisfactorily, and while he was healing the cat was very grateful to everyone at the clinic for their care and for taking care of him by saving him from a terrible curse.

Adorable 3-legged cat

Since the friendly vet already had his own cats at home, he wasn’t sure he could adopt Nemo, but luckily one of the vet techs was completely in love with Nemo and decided to adopt him and have him. bring home with him. .

Dr. McGlasson says:

“He’s the cutest cat you’ve ever met. [He] loves everyone.”

Veterinarian saved this cat

As soon as Nemo walked through the office doors for the first time, everyone present knew that the feline deserved the opportunity to fight for a happy life. Now the sweet kitten has a forever home and people who love her unconditionally.

Finally, Dr McGlasson added:

“[He] does amazing things. He enjoys being a domestic cat and moves very well on three legs.”

They brought a cat to be euthanized but the vet saved it

You can learn a little more about the work of Dr. McGlasson and his team by following him on Instagram.

Images: Instagram / dr.mattmcglasson

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