They chased the black cat through the garden. They had no idea who they would see in the locked shed

They chased the black cat through the garden

The loss of a beloved pet is something that many pet owners fear. Unfortunately, some people are eager to explore the outside world and take every opportunity to escape. It happens that later they cannot go home alone. This was the case of a couple’s cat. Arianna and her partner have done everything possible to find their pet. Their search ended in a way they didn’t expect. Even though they didn’t find the animal they were looking for, they didn’t return home empty-handed.

Their beloved pet was missing, they did everything to find him

Arianna and John are true animal lovers. Unfortunately, one day, their cat disappeared. The cat was probably running between his legs as one of his masters came out.

The couple did everything to find their beloved pet. They walked and called him for hours. They also posted notices of missing cats in the area. Neighbors who came across the posters they made admitted to seeing a similar cat near their home. Arianna and her partner immediately went to the indicated place. Indeed, they found a cat there. But this was not the animal they were looking for. Nevertheless, they took it with them.

They chased the black cat through the garden

The homeless cat gave them a huge surprise

A couple looking for their pet decided to take in a homeless cat because it was obvious he needed help. It turned out to be a female. She was emaciated and very hungry.

The cat ate its fill first. She then rubbed up against Arianna and John as if to thank them for their help. She then asked to be released. After opening the door, she hurriedly walked away. However, the next day she visited them again.

To the couple’s surprise, the homeless cat turned out to be a nursing mother. Hestia, as her temporary guardians had given her a name, had clearly engorged nipples. Everything indicated that after a hearty meal, she began to produce milk. This also explained his behavior. When she was full, she immediately wanted to run to her children.

Arianna and her partner decided to see if Hestia would trust them enough to take them to her kittens. They did not disappoint.

The cat implicitly trusted them

The couple were still missing their pet and trying to get it back. But in the meantime, they wanted to help other creatures in need. They decided to follow the nursing cat. It was late, but the animal was clearly leading them somewhere. They stopped in front of private property. The door was closed. They agreed to come back tomorrow morning. The cat disappeared somewhere at the back of the property.

They chased the black cat through the garden

As they decided, they did. In the morning they returned home where they were led by a nursing cat. The owner let them into the property, a moment later a familiar cat appeared. She led them to the shed. It turned out that this is where her kittens are hidden.

The couple decided to protect the little ones. There were four kittens in the litter. They took the whole family home. There, the cat’s mother could count on a full bowl and a safe corner. The puppies are growing like weeds and will soon be available for adoption.

They chased the black cat through the garden
They chased the black cat through the garden

Arianna and John hadn’t expected that while searching for their pet, they would come across five other cats who would immediately need help. They are happy to have managed to change the fate of these creatures and do not lose hope of finding their pet.

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