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That day, they learned that their cat had two homes. The surprise when he came back dressed like that was huge.

Papa Legby is a cat who was rescued from the streets a few years ago. Even though his guardian did everything to dissuade him from walking alone in the area, the dog did not give up. He takes every opportunity to sneak out of the house and embark on another adventure. One day, its owner realized that the animal had been hiding something from her for a long time. This is all due to one surprising detail. The cat led a double life.

She couldn’t change the adopted cat’s habits

Five years ago, Crystal found a black cat on the street, which took a special place in her heart from the first moments of acquaintance. The woman decided to adopt him and do everything to make his life happy. She named him Grandpa Legby. Concerned for the dog’s safety, she tried to stop him from going outside. She thought the animal should only spend time at home. However, the cat did not share this opinion. Even though his guardian tried for months to convince him that life at home could be as interesting as outdoor adventures, his opinion on this matter did not change at all.

Grandpa Legba proved to be exceptionally intelligent. He managed to take every opportunity to sneak out of the house and walk around the neighborhood. He always walked in the same direction. Crystal didn’t realize that her pet had been hiding something from her for years.

they learned that their cat had two homes
@Crystal Roberts

The cat hid a big secret

One day, Papa Legby came home in a state that greatly surprised her caregiver. It turned out that while the dog was walking around, someone decided to dress him in a sweater. The most surprising thing for the cat’s owner was that it didn’t seem to bother him. Crystal told this story in an interview with The Dodo:

“He loves to be held and cuddled, but he hates being stuck and brushed. He only likes contact on his own terms… How did anyone convince him to put on a sweater?”

Many clues suggested that Papy Legba led a double life. Once Crystal realized this, everything started to make sense. She finally understood why her pet was so keen to be able to go out regularly and always run in the same direction.

they learned that their cat had two homes
@Crystal Roberts

The cat’s secret has been revealed

Over time, it turned out that Papa Legba’s acquaintance with the mysterious family was not just a momentary episode in his life. This is evidenced by the fact that the cat regularly changed its sweater. Crystal had no choice but to accept that she was not the only one caring for this intelligent pet.

they learned that their cat had two homes
@Crystal Roberts

The woman is very interested in knowing who the “co-owner” of Papa Legba is. However, even though she has already knocked on the doors of five families living in the neighborhood, she has still not been able to find the people responsible for dressing her pet in a sweater. However, Crystal does not intend to give up. She hopes to finally find out who her beloved pet visits regularly. This will certainly make it easier to take care of your pet’s well-being.

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