They walked back to the apartment and their hands fell when they saw the floor. This is how the dogs played in their absence

They walked back to the apartment dogs played in their absence

Owning a dog isn’t just about joyful times. These animals can be quite annoying and surprising. It happens that even very obedient and calm individuals have an idea that the owner will not necessarily like. Many pets have wild ideas when there are no humans around. This is the time when usually inaccessible experiences become possible. Two French bulldogs decided to test a new game in the absence of their guardians. The effect of their idea was terrifying.

Dogs love to move and… do mischief!

Dogs are very intelligent animals. Therefore, just like humans, they experience boredom from time to time. Then they try to do something that will make their day a little more interesting.

For a dog, the search for interesting experiences is often synonymous with movement. Therefore, pets that are left alone in the apartment and previously did not have the right amount of exciting activities can invent them on their own.

This often ends up demolishing the apartment. This was the case of a goldendoodle who decided to play “the explorer”. An even crazier and more destructive idea was the two bulldogs who are the heroes of today’s story.

Two French bulldogs turned out to be water play fans

French bulldog owners, after returning to their apartment, found something they never imagined. There was water everywhere in the apartment. Probably the first logical thought that came to mind was a major pipeline failure.

It soon turned out that the culprits of all this commotion were dogs. There was a water hose in the apartment, which is normally in the garden. In addition, the bulldog keepers used to leave a camera on which the material was recorded, explaining the whole unusual situation.

One of the dogs said it would be a good idea to play with an unscrewed pipe in the apartment!

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There’s no point in punishing a dog for something it did while you were gone

Returning to a demolished apartment is very frustrating. Many people’s first instinct is to chastise the dog for what it has done. As a rule, this is garbage scattered throughout the apartment, a damaged sofa or gnawed furniture.

However, it is important to remember that dogs, although they are very intelligent creatures, do not understand that they are doing something wrong. Punishing them for something they probably did a few hours ago won’t have any significant consequences. The dog will feel negative emotions, but will not associate them with what he has done before. With each of these situations, it will reinforce that your return home is associated with inconvenience. Because of this, he may start fearing you after a while.

A much better solution is to secure trash cans in the future, so the dog doesn’t have access to them, or leave the pet’s favorite chew toy so he stops chewing on the furniture.

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