They Were Sure They Had Bought A Labrador On The Internet. The Vet Has No Doubt What Will Really Come Out Of The Pup

they were sure they had bought a labrador on the internet

They wanted a family friendly Labrador that their children could grow up with. The internet seller stuffed them with a completely different breed. The veterinarian knew immediately that the puppy she had in front of her eyes would not become a Labrador.

There are dogs with different life stories waiting for a home at the shelter. Some, however, decide to purchase a specific dream breed. A family from the United States dreamed of having a Labrador. They found an advertisement for a puppy available on the Internet. And like many online purchases, they got what was in the auction description. However, it can be difficult to return.

They wanted a Labrador. They were deceived

When choosing a dog, always choose proven kennels. Let us not support the indiscriminate breeding of animals, focused solely on profit and ignoring the welfare of these living beings. Let’s make sure that we are dealing with legal breeding and that breeding takes place in humane conditions.

It is not known exactly where the hero of the article was born, but it can be said with certainty that it was not a labrador kennel. This error is easy to justify. To the untrained eye, puppies of different breeds look more alike than adults.

The vet knew immediately that he would not become a Labrador

Perhaps for the family itself, the pup was indistinguishable from a small Labrador, but one look was enough and TikTok’s well-known vet knew what breed she was dealing with. Dr Lindsay Butzer shared a short video with her followers, where she humorously showed her reaction to the news that her patient was a Labrador. The video garnered over a million likes and thousands of comments.

– When the pet’s new owner comes in and says she just bought a yellow Labrador on the internet – plays the video’s intro. Then the vet makes an incredulous face and asks a question. “What breed are you selling to say?” “Yellow Labrador”?

“Sorry, it’s not a yellow Labrador. He’s a little pit bull!” – reads the description under the video. The situation was the cause of many jokes.

“I don’t know what you see, but it’s a yellow Labrador.” When the insurer asks, it’s a labrador! – writes one netizen, amusingly sharing the experience of renting an apartment where the owners are prejudiced against pit bulls.

“It’s a snap! As if saying “I am a Labrador” – noted the commentator. In fact, the pup in the video winks at the camera as if to impersonate a puppy for adoption.

@dr_lindsaybutzer Sorry, that’s not a Yellow Lab. That’s a baby Pit Bull! #pitbull #pitbullsoftiktok #puppy #puppylove #cute #veterinarian #dogs #dog #dogsvideo #pup ♬ Astronaut In The Ocean – Masked Wolf

This is not the first mistake of this kind…

We recently covered a situation where influencer Chloe Mitchell thought she was adopting a rare cat from a shelter. She spent a fortune on the lawsuit and felt cheated. When she proved her lies to the shelter, they offered her a refund, but only if she returned the cat.

We have no doubt that despite the mistake, the family will love the pup as it is. He is a lively and sensitive creature and even if he is not your dream Labrador, he deserves the love of his owners.

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