A Dog Tries To Steal A Toy From A Store 5 Times Until It Is Bought For Him

unicorn dog thief changes life adopted

Life on the streets is very difficult, especially if you are a helpless and needy animal. Sometimes they have to overcome many adversities to survive, but apparently a stray dog ​​who tried to steal a stuffed unicorn thought his life would be easier with your friend’s company.

Dogs have always been man’s best friend, but the protagonist of this story proves that a purple unicorn can be a dog’s best friend.

The little dog, named Sisu, wanted above all to get the stuffed toy, even ready to steal it if necessary.

A stray dog ​​tried to steal a teddy

thief dog unicorn changes life adopted

The previous week, Sisu had made several attempts to enter a Dollar General store, located in Kenansville, North Carolina, United States. Sisu had one mission in mind and that was to be able to get that stuffed unicorn she had loved so much; I was delighted with the toy.

Each time a customer left the store, the dog took the opportunity to enter, but was always surprised by an employee and took the toy away.

thief dog unicorn changes life adopted

However, Sisu wasn’t about to give up, he wanted his stuffed animal somehow, so he kept insisting on taking it.

When it became very clear that the pup was not going to give up, a store employee decided to call animal control for help.

Stray dog tried to steal

The staff at Duplin County Animal Services, answered the call of the curious emergency and decided to come to the store to deal with the problem of the “delinquent” puppy. When animal control officers arrived on the scene, they were able to witness the curious scene and hear the stories of the employees.

Duplin County Animal Services Supervisor Joe Newburn told People:

It was directly next to the unicorn, the same every time. It was so weird, one of the weirdest calls I’ve ever had to deal with.


The sweet dog was obsessed with the stuffed unicorn and the store employees had already done everything to stop him from taking it. But, Sisu was still waiting for her opportunity, so they had to take other security measures to try to prevent the pup’s plan.

unicorn dog thief changes life adopted

Joe told The Dodo:

Eventually they had to lock the door and not let him in. When my officer arrived he found out he was very fond of the unicorn.

Samantha Lane, the officer in charge of the case, was surprised and moved by the dog’s attitude, so much so that she decided to buy the stuffed animal.

volunteer and dog

Once she got her long-awaited toy, Sisu happily left the store with Samantha, heading to an animal shelter. It’s unclear why Sisu was so obsessed with the stuffed animal, but it’s thought it may be associated with his former home.

Sisu and Unicorn

Now the one-year-old dog has his dream toy and he hardly ever leaves it.

Joe commented:

He’s still with the stuffed animal. The only time she doesn’t mess with him is when he gets dirty. But once they’ve washed and cleaned it, it’s their partner again.

Sisu in the shelter

The shelter decided to post a photo of Sisu with the unicorn on their Facebook, along with a caption summarizing what happened.

The caption of the post says:

This is what happens when you constantly break into Dollar General to steal the purple unicorn you love, but animal control is called to lock you up for your B&E and theft, but the officer buys your item and you walk away with it.

sisu and teddy

The curious story published on the Internet managed to catch the attention of many people who were moved to know more about the sweet teddy bear thief. The shelter also took the opportunity to post more photos of Sisu with her unicorn, describing her personality and giving information to potential adopters.

thief dog unicorn changes life adopted

Besides being a “kleptomaniac”, he is a very sweet and intelligent boy, obedient to humans and who understands basic behavioral commands.

Soon, hundreds of adoption requests began pouring into the shelter, as many people wanted to adopt Sisu and her stuffed animal.

thief dog unicorn changes life adopted

As expected, Sisu and her cuddly companion have finally found a forever home and are now enjoying their new life.

Images : Facebook / Duplin County Animal Services

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