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Things You Should Never Do To A Cat – 10 “No” For A Cat Owner

Often, in order to maintain order in the house, we are strict in relation to our pets. They cannot urinate past the litter box, they cannot sharpen their claws on our beautiful furniture, they cannot sing songs at four in the morning, etc. Continuous ones cannot be! But, it happens, out of ignorance, we ourselves harm our pets. And then, sitting at the vet’s appointment, we are very worried and scold ourselves. To prevent this, it is important to know a few simple rules for caring for a cat. So, what shouldn’t a cat owner do?

Things Never Do To A Cat

1. You can’t beat a cat

The first prohibition is no violence! Remember, cats are not trainable, so the carrot and stick method are not for them. They are also very smart, stubborn and vindictive.

Although, of course, a lot depends on the character of the cat. There are warrior cats. If you yell at them or even beat them, then most likely they will do everything the other way around, out of spite. This battle will never end and, trust me, you will not win.

And there are cats with a very gentle character. We feel sorry for them the most. In case of the slightest aggression on your part, they are very frightened and huddled somewhere under the bed.

The only correct option in communicating with a cat is to be always calm and patient. Cats are very fond of affection (and you and I, too) If you treat your cat well, then he will become your friend, companion, companion. Otherwise, you will make yourself a fierce enemy.

By the way, you can’t dunk a cat or cat with your nose in a puddle, there won’t be any sense anyway. You will not accustom them to the tray in such a barbaric way!

2. You can’t drag the cat by the tail

You can’t pull or drag cats by the tail. Categorically! But this is problematic when there are small children in the house. Very often they play like this with a pet. Therefore, you need to explain to them that this should not be done. Why?

The thing is that the tail is part of the cat’s spine. We all know how important the spine is for a person and how dangerous its injuries are from school. Naturally, it is also dangerous for animals to damage it.

The tail contains a lot of nerve fibers that are an extension of the spinal cord. Just like in humans, the vertebrae can be displaced relative to each other or even broken. Just imagine what happens then! The cat can even be paralyzed.

Things Never Do To A Cat

3. You can’t grip the cat

Squeezing a cat can damage or break something, this is especially true for kittens in which bones and joints are still developing.

4. You can’t feed your cat with human food

Our food is not good for a cat.

Now there is a huge selection of all kinds of food – both dry and canned food. They are all different in price, there is a premium class, there is a cheaper one. If you do not want to feed your cat with all this, then cook for him separately. It should be a balanced, cat-only food. You can brew oatmeal with fish or meat with it. It’s a bit of a hassle, but it’s real.

Sometimes the owners do not skimp on expensive dry food for their cats, but at the same time they treat him with leftovers from their table. “He himself wanted to?” Some say. Or: “Cats won’t do bad things to themselves!” No, they won’t. But even such perfect creatures sometimes want something like that.

In a special food, all substances are balanced – proteins, vitamins, minerals are in exactly the proportions that are needed for the cat’s health. And what happens if you add something to it? That’s right, this balance will be disturbed. Then he will begin to receive something very much, and something very quickly will begin to be excreted from his body. This can lead to allergic reactions.

Therefore, if you want a healthy cat, you cannot feed it with your own food, dry food or canned cat food.

Things Never Do To A Cat

5. You cannot treat a cat with medicines from your first aid kit

Some of our medications may work for your cat. But there are also those who are poison. For example, it was a revelation for me when a veterinarian friend warned me that all paracetamol-based medicines, even in scanty amounts, could send a cat to the next world.

Also, compare our body weight to that of a cat. Even if an antibiotic is appropriate, how do you calculate the dose relative to its weight?

Now there are many drugs for cats and dogs, antibiotics for their treatment. Therefore, there is no need to give them something “human”. And you don’t need to self-medicate. It is also bad to do this in the case of a person who can tell where and how he hurts. But the cat won’t even tell you that!

Therefore, if your pet suddenly refused to eat, became apathetic, etc., it is best to immediately contact your veterinarian. After all, modern clinics are now equipped with all the necessary diagnostic facilities. There they will do him tests, an X-ray, and all the necessary procedures.

6. You can’t tame a kitten to play with hands

But sometimes you really want to tinker with this lump while it lies in your lap! Give him plenty of bite, pound his claws … After all, they are still so small, not sharp, and soft paws. And it doesn’t hurt you at all. This is for now!

The kitten will grow up very quickly. You will not even notice how his fangs will become large and sharp, like sabers, and his claws – prickly, like a cactus. And when he wants to bite you and scratch you a little, at least a little, it will no longer be cute fun. Or even worse – it will start hunting for your unfortunate hands! What did you expect? It’s a predator! It will be difficult to wean a cat or cat from this habit.

From the very beginning, when the kitten was brought home, play with it with anything, but not with your own hands. So that he does not have such associations later. Use different toys, do not draw attention to your hands.

Things Never Do To A Cat

7. You can’t wash your cat every day

Sometimes especially clean owners get too carried away. It seems to them that it is right to wash kittens or already adult cats, like children, almost every day.

It is generally not recommended to wash an adult cat. He does it beautifully herself. There are long-haired breeds that have to be washed after going to the tray, but this is perhaps the exception. In this case, only those places can be washed.

Kittens are washed only if necessary. When he gets very dirty and when mom is not around to lick him. It should be remembered that the temperature of the cat is higher than ours. And you need not to catch a cold the kitten while bathing, protect it from drafts and dry it thoroughly in a towel.

For bathing, you must definitely use specialized shampoos, be it an adult cat or a kitten. After the animal can be dried with a hairdryer, of course, if it is not afraid of it.

8. Do not make any attempt to get anything out of the cat.

If you notice any foreign object sticking out of the cat’s mouth or from under the tail, you cannot pull anything from there! It can be a swallowed bag, a thread, your hair, New Year’s rain etc.

Don’t make any attempt to get it. Go directly to the veterinarian, he has special equipment, an endoscope, etc. He will see the whole picture in full. Otherwise, you can damage something in the cat, its insides. You do not know how far and how much it is tangled up there.

Things Never Do To A Cat

9. You can’t cut a cat’s mustache

The whiskers of a cat or a cat are not whiskers at all, but very important sense organs – vibrissae. With their help, cats navigate at night. And they don’t bother them at all. So, you better take care of your own beauty, and leave the cat alone!

10. Do not close interior doors

This is not so much a ban as a recommendation. Cats don’t like closed doors. We can only advise to keep them open. Otherwise, you will become a doorman for your pet.

You can, of course, and so. But sometimes it seems to me that they deliberately start going here and there and all the time ask them to open the door. It seems to amuse them.

Things Never Do To A Cat

Dear Readers! In the Pets Feed article, we talked about 10 “no” for the owners of the cat, perhaps we missed something? We would be glad to receive comments from keen cat lovers to the article.

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