Seven Things Your Cat Would Like To Tell You

things your cat would like to tell you

Would you be happy if cats could speak a language you understand? After all, it is obvious that sometimes they are trying to tell us something.

Would you like to have a secret guide to cat language and behavior? This article from Pets Feed will tell you everything your cat would like you to understand.

1.     Don’t touch me when I fall asleep on your computer

Cats sleep an average of 16 hours a day, and the computer seems to them to be the right place to sleep, since it is warm, which is especially important in the cold season. Yes, a cat can sleep on a battery or somewhere else, but if you find your pet lying on a laptop and you don’t have any urgent business on your computer, then maybe don’t chase it. Also, a cat sleeping on a computer looks so funny.

2.     Don’t touch my stomach!

Surely you have seen more than once how the cat playfully lies down and stretches on its back. It may seem like the purr wants you to scratch its belly, but it’s not. A cat’s belly is a weak point, and if the cat shows it, then he trusts you completely. Don’t abuse that trust and start tummy rubbing or tickling it. And if you still couldn’t hold back, don’t be surprised when the cat grabs your hand with teeth and claws.

3.     Stop taking my picture!

Many cat owners enjoy photographing their pets in all sorts of poses, and you’re probably no exception. But remember that cats are not at all happy with this. To make your four-legged friend look good in the photo, you can attract his attention with different toys, but after the photo shoot you forget about them and the cat remains puzzled. Don’t forget to play with the cat.

4.     Don’t be scared when I bring my loot home!

When a cat brings its prey (a mouse, insect, etc.) to you, it shares food with you, as it ensures that you are also fed. That is to say, the cat imitates the behavior of its mother, who took care of it in the same way. Thus, he expresses his gratitude to you for taking care of him. So the next time you see something like this outside your door, don’t scold the cat, but take it as an expression of love.

5.     I can wash myself very well!

Cats can spend hours grooming themselves, but their owners may still feel like they aren’t groomed enough, so they shampoo them regularly. Many cats are vehemently opposed to taking a shower or a bath, and for good reason, because water is not their best friend. The cat’s coat dries very slowly, which is why the animal has to freeze for a long time. And who will love? By the way, cats lick themselves not only for the sake of cleanliness, but also to calm down if they are stressed.

6.     I’m a cat, so I need to sharpen my claws!

Just as humans trim their nails to keep them away, cats sharpen their claws. In addition, they thus mark their territory, leaving traces and smells. Nail sharpening also helps cats stay in shape as their paw muscles are toned during this process. To prevent the cat from damaging your favorite furniture, buy him some special boards or posts to sharpen his claws and place them at a comfortable height.

7.     I don’t understand your meow!

Scientists distinguish more than a thousand types of meowing, and each has its own meaning. Kittens use meowing to communicate with their mothers, and adult cats talk to humans this way. Owners who know their pet well have most likely learned to understand what is expected of them. Don’t forget that if you want to speak to a cat in its language, your “meow” will mean nothing to it. Look for other ways to communicate.

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