9-year-old boy uses pocket money to feed stray dogs and opens shelter


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Instead of doing what most kids do and spend pocket money on treats for themselves, 9-year-old Ken Amante used his to do something amazing – feeding a group of stray dogs near his home in the Philippines.

The story began in 2014

A kind-hearted boy who found internet fame after using his pocket money to help feed stray dogs is set to open his own animal shelter after receiving more than £27,000 in online donations.

A dream comes true

In 2014, 9-year-old Ken Amante’s father visited the Reddit website to post photos showing his son feeding stray dogs in his homeland, the Philippines. Ken immediately won the collective heart of the Internet.

Without the knowledge of his father, the young boy Ken used his pocket money to buy dog food and went on daily walks to feed the many stray dogs in the streets.

Ken says he wanted to run a shelter for stray dogs and cats since he remembers. From an early age, he created posters like this to share his love of animals and his passion for saving them.

When Ken shared his dream of opening a no-kill shelter, his father told him that it would take “a lot of money and 20 years” for his dreams to come true. But then the Internet intervened.

On the strength of his article on Reddit, Ken’s father launched a website for him, called Happy Animals Club, and donations began pouring in around the world. Ken and his father (who presents himself as a “volunteer”) were able to rent land for the shelter, buy building materials and rent carpenters. They used the remaining money to care for three dogs named White Puppy, Blackie and Brownie.

Even with the humble beginnings of the Happy Animals Club, White Puppy, Blackie and Brownie flourished under Ken’s care.

After just two months at the Happy Animals Club, the three original puppies were like new.

After a lot of work, the Happy Animals Club was open.

Dogs are fed daily with high quality food. Ken also follows the food needs of animals due to allergies or other health problems.

Ken celebrated his 10th birthday with the rescued dogs. He even made them a cake of dog food.

Ken’s dogs are never kept in cages unless they are sick or anxious in front of other animals. The main goal of Happy Animals Club is to save dogs from the pound.

The Happy Animals Club is not reserved for dogs. Ken’s Shelter is also home to a number of cats that are kept in a completely separate area.

You can browse the complete list of animals that can be adopted on the Happy Animals Club website.

There is also a page on the Happy Animals Club website where you can donate to Ken’s inspiring and worthy cause.