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This dog waited four years in the same place hoping to find his family

This dog disappeared four years ago while his family was on vacation, since then he has waited by the side of the road for them to come and pick him up, and when that happened he finally took a unexpected decision.

A stray dog ​​in Thailand demonstrated his unconditional love and loyalty to his favorite family by waiting for four years by the side of a road in the district of Mueang.

The dog, which was named Leo by the locals, arrived one day while his family was on vacation and he got out of the vehicle without their noticing.

Recently, Leo’s story was shared with a few photos of him thanks to Anuchit Uncharoen, a man who found him hanging out on the road. There, a 45-year-old woman by the name of Saowalak Pinnuchawet, who provided him with food, told him how this dog had been waiting so long for them to come back for him.

Anuchit Uncharoen

Ms. Pinnuchawet said that she tried to bring Leo back several times because he was thin and with scabies, but he still ran away and went back on the road.

Seeing that Leo refused to leave this place, the woman decided to bring him food every day, even when she was busy, she was responsible for sending a family member to perform this task.

The story of Leo touched many hearts and was massively broadcast on the Internet to find his family.

Anuchit Uncharoen

This is how some people managed to contact Anuchit Uncharoen by claiming that Leo was identical to their dog, BonBon, which had been lost four years ago near the site.


The adoptive father of the dog with the surname Noi, explained that during the holidays they stopped at a gas station and realized that BonBon was no longer in the vehicle, they stayed there for a week looking for it and they didn’t find it.


The family thought the dog had died and was surprised to see his story on the Internet.

When they finally found him, BonBon couldn’t contain the excitement, but he refused to follow them when they wanted to get him into the car.


Ms. Pinnuchawet took a test. she tried to bring BonBon home, and the animal left with absolute calm. The Noi family realized that the dog had already made a decision.

Anuchit Uncharoen

After the incident, Noi promised to return to see the dog frequently and was responsible for paying for his treatment.


BonBon has proven once again that dogs can do great things for the people they love. Although ultimately his heart indicates that his new home should be next to the Pinnuchawet, who during all this time offered to help him.



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