This dog was abandoned 5 times before realizing what was wrong


Ivor, was misunderstood, the poor dog was abandoned 5 times because they thought he was disobedient, but he was not.

Little Ivor was very confused during his first 7 months of life. He had spent a large part of his life in various animal shelters and adoption centers. He was in 5 different houses in a year and at the end of 2017, he was in the RSPCA, homeless for the sixth time.

The person who returned it said it was a disobedient dog. But when the rescuers checked his hearing, they knew exactly why his owners were so frustrated – he couldn’t hear anything.

Not knowing that Ivor was deaf, each family ended up abandoning him. Fortunately, the rescue center staff immediately started teaching him sign language. And he quickly learned.

Ivor dog abandoned 5 times

The volunteers first taught him to get close, then taught him other commands from there.

Ivor was put up for adoption soon after, and he met Ellie Bromilow, the woman who would soon become her mother. She fell in love as soon as she met him and it didn’t take long before the rest of the family agreed to adopt her.

Ivor dog abandoned 5 times

Although the RSPCA had already taught Ivor a few basic commands using sign language, Ellie was more than willing to learn everything she could to teach Ivor everything he had lost in other homes.

Ellie told Metro:

“He had already learned commands such as” sit “and” come “from RSPCA center staff, but now he knows many more commands like” lie down “,” sit still “,” turn around “.”

Ivor dog abandoned 5 times

Ivor is a very intelligent dog, and he just needed to learn the world in a unique way. And due to his disability, his senses of sight, smell and touch are very intense.

He particularly likes to use his thin nose to look for treats that his mother hid in the house.

Ellie wrote on Ivor’s Facebook page:

“While other puppies may miss things, my eyes are trained to observe everything, even while I sleep I see everything, I feel the vibrations of doors and steps and I can feel a piece of ham near one kilometer. In fact, Ellie thinks she could have had a career as a sniffer dog!

Ivor dog abandoned 5 times

Instead, Ivor is an expert in one thing: sleep!

Ivor dog abandoned 5 times

He likes to get into his bed and rest easily after a day of adventure. But when he doesn’t sleep or go for a walk with mom, he just loves to talk to her, something he didn’t have much before going to the shelter.

Ivor dog abandoned 5 times

Ellie said:

“We talk to him all the time.”

To help more dogs like Ivor, you can donate to the RSPCA Halifax, Huddersfield & Bradford Branch.

More information: Facebook / Ivor the Deaf Dogs Fun Page