This Man Swims Every Day with His 19-Year-Old Dog to Relieve His Pain


“The dog is man’s best friend,” says the proverb. Dogs have proven to be loving and loyal companions of people. Almost everyone has at least one dog. From pit bulls to dachshunds to burrows, dogs are part of everyday human life.

Dogs usually give us moments of joy and are always there to show us their love even in the most difficult times.

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John Unger Schoep arthritis swims dog every day


A picture has been around for a long time on the Internet in which you can see a man and a dog in a lake. It is not that they only swim together, but in reality, the reason they are both is more powerful than you imagine.

John Unger Schoep arthritis swims dog every day


John Unger is the owner of a tender dog named Schoep, who is 19 years old. In addition to his advanced age, Schoep also suffer from arthritis, which causes excruciating pain and sleep disturbances. The only way to relieve his pain and help him sleep peacefully is to put it in the water, as buoyancy soothes the pain in his bones.

To help his friend, John takes her to the lake every day to relax. And he succeeds, because tranquility is found in the expression of Schoep, who happily swims next to his best friend. Finally, at night, the dog manages to sleep almost like a baby.

John Unger Schoep arthritis swims dog every day


John and Schoep met when he was just a puppy. At the time, John and his girlfriend wanted to adopt the dog, only eight months old. And while the relationship between John and Schoep was invincible, John’s relationship with his girlfriend did not last long, so the boy had to stay with the puppy. Although he was on the verge of committing suicide by breaking up with his girlfriend. Schoep saved his life.

“ He saved my life … I just want to help him back, ” says John.

John Unger Schoep arthritis swims dog every day


This is how John wants to give back the hand of his dog and take care of him on a daily basis to make his life easier and more cheerful, knowing above all that he is such a pure and loving animal.

John Unger Schoep arthritis swims dog every day


Unfortunately, Schoep passed away long after these wonderful images and was surrounded by love and affection, especially by his owner John, who wanted to make him happy until the last minute.

Such stories are the ones that inspire us and the ones that motivate us to take care of our lovable dogs and even our cats, especially since they always give us joy.

So if you have a dog or a cat, enjoy the time together and give it all the love it deserves.


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