This Rescue Chihuahua May Be the Most Unusual You’ll Ever See


The tiny Chihuahua was adopted recently in Thailand, by Charice Fca Cha.

Lucky LuckiRy Chihuahua

Thought to be around two years old, the white male dog has striking facial features. Named Lucky, the dog has two different coloured eyes, due to a genetic issue often known as odd eye phenomenon, or heterochromia. With one eye a deep brown colour and the other one bright blue, he looks very similar to the late pop star, David Bowie, who also had this unique anomaly with his eye colours.

Lucky LuckiRy Chihuahua

In addition to his distinctive eyes, Lucky also has a very distinctive mark above his blue eye, that appears as if its been painted into place with an eyeliner, kohl pencil.

Lucky LuckiRy Chihuahua

This huge, arched eyebrow certainly gives the Chihuahua an inquisitive appearance.

Lucky LuckiRy Chihuahua

Charice recently posted a photo of her cute dog on social media, where the images quickly went viral, with thousands of reactions. Viewers were surprised and stunned at the dog’s close resemblance to their hero, Bowie.

Lucky LuckiRy Chihuahua

Many commented that they were unsure if the dog’s unique facial appearance was real. Perhaps Charice had taken a permanent marker and drawn on his eyebrow, or even used photoshop techniques to adjust the image.

The Chihuahua’s looks are certainly not fake. This rescue dog’s new owner confirmed that his appearance is totally genuine and this isn’t a temporary makeup look. The pup is certainly living up to his name, now he is settling into his new home and is also an internet star.

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