This Woman Takes Her Puppy to Work Daily So That He Does Not Be Alone

Thitirat Keowa-ram street sweeper in Bangkok woman working dog

If you have a dog, you will agree when we tell you that sometimes we just want to be able to take our furry friends to work, so that we can be with them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A Facebook post was recently shared showing a street sweeper in Bangkok, Thailand, doing homework while carrying her puppy on her back.

Thitirat Keowa-ram, is the adoptive mother of Mazda, a black and white puppy, a mix of poodle and Shih Tzu, aged one, that everyone on social networks fell in love with.

Mazda weighs around 10 kg, but Thitirat doesn’t seem to care about the weight. She likes to take him to work, according to the Bangkok Post.

This woman takes her dog to work every day

Thitirat Keowa-ram street sweeper in Bangkok woman working dog
Photo: bangkokpost

Mazda quietly clings to a vest attached to Thitirat’s back like a backpack while sweeping the streets of a Bangkok suburb, without disturbing passers-by and traffic.

Thitirat sweeping

Thitirat said she had a friend’s puppy a year ago and mentioned that Mazda is a good boy and that he is always calm when they are together.

She says that she always gets up at 3 am to get ready to go to work and takes her puppy so that he does not stay home alone.

Mazda sleeping
Thitirat Keowa-ram street sweeper in Bangkok woman working dog

When it rains, Mazda even has its own raincoat to keep it dry.

While it may be strange for some to see something like this, it’s nice to see an owner who cares so much about his pet that he doesn’t want him to be alone when he is away from home.

Mazda and her mom

The ‘bring your dog to work’ trend has gained popularity in recent years in Thailand, especially in companies with irregular working hours that see dog policy as a way to relieve employee stress.

Images: Facebook / pa.zaza.500

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