tips minimize hair loss dog

Last Updated on September 30, 2021 by Pets Feed

Hair loss is a problem that all dog owners, some more and some less, have to cope with. Here’s how to best manage it

It is probably the most annoying problem that all those who have a four-legged friend have to face, especially in the change of seasons. But how do you minimize hair loss in your dog?

Since it is very important, as well as useful, to know how to behave in these situations, here are some valuable tips to succeed!

Brush it frequently

Brushing is the most effective method to keep the fur always in order and to remove the excess. The ideal would be to brush the dog at least twice a week, possibly even more in spring and autumn when it changes its coat. In the case of dogs with double coat of hair (such as Husky for example), however, it is better to use special grooming tools.

Always respect proper nutrition

Even if it doesn’t seem like it, your diet and everything you trust will also affect the health and condition of your coat. An incorrect diet, in fact, leads to greater hair loss in addition to other problems. Therefore, always respect the diet recommended by the veterinarian!

Don’t go overboard with baths

Many believe that you need to wash your dog more frequently than once every two weeks. Absolutely not! Having too many baths involves a wide range of problems (as well as greater costs) and among these there is also excessive hair loss. The frequency suggested by the experts, on the other hand, is one bath per month.

Brush it after drying it

If you bathe your dog indoors instead of taking him to the groomer, then never forget to brush him after drying. In this way, in fact, you will remove the excess hair that in this phase could fall more easily, thus giving a sort of “final finish” to your four-legged friend.