Cat With Rare Disease Is So Happy When Someone Adopts Him With His Best Friend

toby cat rare disease happy

Toby is an 8 year old cat who suffers from feline skin asthenia, a condition in which the skin is very fragile and stretches due to a lack of collagen, also known as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome in the man.

When Georgina Price met Toby, she knew he was perfect. He not only brought him home, but his best friend as well.

Georgina told Love Meow:

This means that his body is not producing collagen properly. He doesn’t heal as well as he should.

Cat with rare condition is very happy now

toby chat maladie rare

When Georgina and her boyfriend, Christopher Lardner, ran into Toby, he was hiding in a corner of the shelter, behind his best friend, Quinton.

Georgina said:

I saw them on the RSPCA website and immediately fell in love. When we met them they were both terrified and huddled in their backs. Toby hid behind Quinton the entire time, shaking. I couldn’t even touch him because he was so scared.


When the shelter took them in, they were in such bad shape that Quinton had to have all of his teeth removed, and Toby had some removed as well. The two were still together and the shelter knew immediately that they were needed and needed to be adopted together.

Georgina saw their sad faces and knew they had to be brought home and they immediately fell in love with this pair of friends.

Toby and Quinton

They filled out the papers and officially integrated them into their family. Over the next few weeks, Toby took refuge with his brother in a hiding place in their new home.

The couple of cats hid under the bed and Georgina and her husband had to feed them there. They only went out if they were home alone or their new parents were asleep.

Toby cat rare condition

The process was slow, but gradually they started to trust them.

Toby comforts himself with Quinton, his best friend, shield and protector and follows him wherever he goes. As Quinton grew more confident, Toby began to trust as well.

Once they realized they were safe and didn’t need to be afraid anymore, the two friends began to seek out their humans to receive and give love.

With each passing day, Toby grew more comfortable and one day he began to seek affection from his humans.

Toby has rare condition

Now when Georgina is in the kitchen making coffee, Toby is running, stretching out to see what Mom is doing and begging for something.

Georgina said:

He is so playful and full of life. To see the difference from the scared and sad cat we adopted is amazing.

toby chat maladie rare

Aside from his confusion, Toby is a normal cat. He enjoys watching birds, playing with balls and laces, and snuggling up to his owners. He feels like a cat again and he doesn’t have enough time to play with Quinton.

Georgina added:

He likes to have his stomach scratched and he lies down next to you looking at you, waiting for you to scratch him.

Toby and his best friend

The cats are now very happy with a family that would give anything for them.

Georgina said:

They wait for us at the window when we get home and run to the door when they see us. They are very playful and funny. They bring this place to life. We are very lucky to have Toby and Quinton with us.


Due to his condition, Toby needs special care to keep him safe and in the best possible shape.

Georgina said:

We try to deal with it by trimming his fingernails, keeping the house clean, and trying to avoid scratches. We feel very lucky that Toby’s condition appears to be quite mild.

Cat with rare syndrome

Georgina and Christopher hope sharing Toby’s story will raise awareness of his strange disorder and also encourage people to adopt cats with special needs.

Happy Toby

Georgina said:

You just have to love them, and despite their needs, they are beautiful animals with their amazing personalities and the ability to love you.

You can follow Toby and Quinton and their adventures on Facebook and Instagram.

Images: Instagram / tummyandgummy

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