They took a dog from a shelter, everything was going well until then. 72 hours later, he was shot in the heart

took dog from shelter 72 hours later

Scrabble is an adorable puppy who has been extremely unlucky in his life. The baby and his siblings ended up in a shelter right after his birth. However, he still cannot find a loving home. Every time fate finally seems to smile on him, everything goes wrong again. The hardest blow came from his family, who got bored after 72 hours.

The scale of the number of homeless animals is terrifying

It is estimated that up to a billion dogs and cats are at risk of homelessness worldwide. You don’t have to look long to see with your own eyes that the scale of this phenomenon is enormous.

Every day, many animals arrive at shelters and organizations that help abandoned animals. People with exceptional appearance have the greatest chance of finding a loving home. Age is also important. Puppies and kittens are much more likely to join a new family than adult pets.

The puppy is the only sibling still waiting for a home

Unfortunately, it turns out that young age and good looks are no guarantee of finding housing. Scrabble found out the hard way and knows no other life than in a shelter for homeless animals.

This unlucky dog was sent to a shelter with his siblings. All the puppies in his litter, except him, quickly found families who decided to take care of them. For some reason, Scrabble wasn’t so lucky. He is not only handsome and young, but also very friendly and curious about the world.

took dog from shelter 72 hours later

The happiness wore off after 72 hours. The reckless adoption caused him great pain

One day, everything seemed to indicate that fate had finally smiled on Scrabble. People showed up at the shelter and expressed their willingness to adopt him. When they brought the puppy home, all the employees breathed a sigh of relief. They knew that this little one had long been in great need of human love and family conditions.

Unfortunately, their joy did not last long. After three days, Scrabble found himself at the shelter again. The couple who decided to adopt him decided it would be better to adopt another dog. They dreamed of a little puppy, and Scrabble had already grown up a little and could be described as a teenager.

The puppy experienced the comfort of life at home, but he was not able to enjoy it for long. We hope that fate will finally smile on him and that no one will break his heart again.

took dog from shelter 72 hours later

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