He took the pit bull to the groomer. He had no intention of coming back for him

took pitbull groomer no intention coming back

A man has entrusted his pit bull dog to the care of staff at a beauty salon in Queens. The dog named Eva had not realized that this trip would be the beginning of painful experiences. The owner never returned to pick up his dog, and the pet hair salon became her home for the next three years.

American shelters are full of dogs and cats of various ages, although it is undeniable that the vast majority of them are older, sick and so-called owned animals. “aggressive breeds”. A few years ago, the group of unwanted animals was joined by a pit bull, which was insidiously got rid of.

He took the dog to a beauty salon and left him at the mercy of strangers

Harmful stereotypes and inappropriate attitudes towards representatives of pit bulls, amstaffs and bull terriers have a real impact on the lives of thousands of pets, as evidenced by the sad story of Eve. The approximately 3-year-old girl was left homeless after her owner took her to a hair salon and refused to take her home.

took pitbull groomer no intention coming back

The man tried to explain that the manager of the apartment building they lived in together no longer allowed him to keep the dog in his apartment. So far he has kept the animal in a cage most of the time.

Instead of trying to find a new home for the dog or seek help from a shelter or animal welfare organization, he left the dog with the groomer. Eve didn’t understand why she had been unexpectedly separated from her master, but she was only supposed to stay at the dog grooming parlor temporarily. However, this did not happen.

The dog lived in a cramped box for 3 years

The employees of the hair salon did everything in their power to provide for the temporary worker: they took him for walks, fed him and even vaccinated him. Unfortunately, the specificity of their work did not allow them to devote enough time and attention to the animal.

The dog was accompanied only during breaks, but at night she was left alone in the basement. Despite the inconveniences, Eve remained cheerful and greatly appreciated the care of her new guardians. Of course, the opening hours of the premises, when the employees greeted the dog, was the most wonderful moment of the day.

took pitbull groomer no intention coming back

The owner made occasional visits to the grooming salon, until eventually the visits stopped altogether – as did the cost of food and living at the service premises. Salon employees do not understand why the man was able to leave such a beloved, kind and sociable dog.

The right people took an interest in the fate of the dog

News of the animal’s sad fate reached Sam Taylor, a dog lover who has made it his goal to find loving owners and place the pit bull in a new home. However, the man knew that the almost 4-year-old dog had spent most of his life in confinement and therefore did not know of any other pets. What he lacked in socialization he made up for in enthusiasm and obedience to people.

– Eve is calm, patient, intelligent, sympathetic. It’s hard to imagine the circumstances that would cause someone to give up such an exceptional dog, Taylor notes.

took pitbull groomer no intention coming back

Animal-friendly organizations join forces to find Evie a forever home where she will be loved, cared for, and where she will learn what it means to be a dog. We cross our fingers for their success as soon as possible!

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