Traffic Cam Catches  A Speeding Car. The Police Were Stunned When They Saw The Dog Driving

traffic cam catches speeding car dog driving

The radar is supposed to ensure road safety. However, he managed to record an unusual situation. It looked like the speeding driver wasn’t human at all. Confused German police grabbed their heads. How are they supposed to issue a ticket to a dog?

The radar picture speaks for itself. The car was driven by… a dog

Police in the German city of Bonn have installed speed cameras to check for dangerous drivers on the roads. They didn’t expect to catch not a man, but… a dog. At the wheel of one of the vehicles recorded on camera sat a handsome young man with shiny hair.

The German police are wringing their hands. They won’t fine the dog

The vehicle was traveling 7 miles /h over the speed limit. As if that weren’t enough, the driver broke another law. As you can see in the photo, the dog was driving the vehicle with his eyes closed.

In a normal case, a driver breaking the rules would be fined more than 70 dollars. But how to penalize a dog? Take away his driver’s license? He won’t pay the fine out of pocket.

traffic cam catches speeding car dog driving
Bonn Police

An optical illusion saved the driver from a traffic ticket. “The driver was very lucky”

It turned out that the bizarre photo was just an optical illusion. The dog positioned itself at a convenient angle to cover the offending handler. This saved him the fine. There is no evidence of who was behind the wheel.

The driver fled. The German police had their hands tied. They had to let go. Hopefully, this will not encourage the driver to continue breaking the rules of the road.

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