Two abandoned dogs in a cage with a note on it. One sentence was enough to feel a blow to the heart

Two abandoned dogs cage with note
RSPCA (England & Wales)

The RSPCA received a report of two dogs abandoned in a crate with a letter attached. In this document, the guardian addressed a few words to whoever would find the animals. Unfortunately, before the rescuers arrived on site, something terrible happened.

The cage contained a young spaniel with a deformed leg and a terrier named Rudy. Passers-by found her on a road in Oxfordshire. Representatives from the British Kingdom Society for the Care of Animals rushed to help immediately upon receiving the notification.

He left two dogs in a cage by the side of the road

The RSPCA was notified of two abandoned dogs in a cage in West Oxfordshire, UK on May 4. Rescuers immediately set out for a young spaniel and terrier named Rudy. Unfortunately, it turned out that before reaching the scene, the oldest of them managed to open the hatch and escape. He has not been found to date.

A male spaniel took care of the organization. The animal has one of its legs deformed, so it may have been more difficult for it to move away from the place of abandonment, which was done by its four-legged companion.

Rescuers found a touching letter on the stairs

Right next to the frightened dog was a letter whose content touches the heart. Everything indicates that the dog’s keeper left him.

Two abandoned dogs cage with note
RSPCA (England & Wales)

– Please feed me and look after me. My owner is struggling to look after me.

From the note, it can be deduced that the animal keeper could not afford to keep the quadrupeds. There is no doubt, however, that abandoning the helpless animals was not a good solution. Before anyone took care of them, a tragedy could have happened. Unfortunately, the fate of the burrow is still unknown.

More and more people are abandoning their pets

The British media rightly note that due to the economic crisis and the rising cost of living on the islands, the trend of animal abandonment is increasing dangerously. The RSPCA alone handled 1,508 reports of abandoned animals in April, an increase of almost 10% on the previous year. more compared to April 2022.

We are aware that we live in really difficult times. We are doing all we can to help animals get into loving homes where possible, says Stephanie Law of the RSPCA.

Animal shelter workers are also seeing an increasing number of inquiries about waiving custody of dogs and cats. More and more animals are cared for by pro-animal organisations, and unfortunately places in boxes and temporary homes are lacking.

“We fear the crisis is increasingly the reason people are bringing their dogs to us,” said Steve Craddock, director of the local shelter, as quoted by Reuters.

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