Two Young Teenage Build 24 Shelters To Keep Stray Cats Warm

Two young teenage build cat shelters

When we talk about Covid-19, we necessarily think of anxieties for our health, restrictions and the economic crisis. Yet for some, confinement was the right opportunity to do a good deed. In Salt Lake City, in the US state of Utah, 24 stray cat shelters appeared by two teenage girls between summer and fall 2020.

The creator of the project is named Emily Keller and she is 16 years old. When she realized that the summer of 2020 would be very different than usual, she decided to use this “free time” to do something positive. And she chose the animals, which she loved very much, as recipients. In particular, the city’s many stray cats.

Emily had actually noticed how many cats roamed the city summer and winter, with no safe place to find shelter. So, taken by the desire to do something to improve the lives of these little angels, she decides to bring her shelter construction project to life.

So, she rolled up her sleeves and started to organize her project.

Back in class at the end of the summer, the young animal rights activist told everyone how busy she had been those months. Her friend Anagha Rao was very fascinated by Emily’s story, so she decided to help her. The two girls sponsored their project and were overwhelmed by donations to finally be able to implement it.

Emily Keller Anagha Rao building shelter cat

The shelters built by the two friends are made of recycled materials and easy to use; As part of their initiative, Amanda and Emily have also included an outreach program that encourages everyone in the neighborhood to build their shelters privately.

cat supplies

Emily and Anagha have built cat houses with four specific criteria in mind: insulating material, straw inside to keep cats comfortable, modest dimensions to avoid heat loss, and a raised base to keep cats comfortable. reduce humidity.

cat shelters
Emily Keller Anagha Rao

The result is that Salt Lake City’s stray animals can benefit from 24 stray cat shelters run by two teenagers. And who knows, other shelters may follow: after all, the project also included awareness-raising actions.

Images: KUTV

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