Underweight Pit Bull Found in Abandoned Apartment, Now Safe


The sad story of an underweight pit bull who was left in an abandoned apartment, fortunately has a happy ending

Every day there are stories about people who work for the welfare of an animal, but there are also situations where the human being shows how cruel he can be. Like the story of this underweight pit bull who was rescued from an abandoned apartment.

Abandoning a dog to her fate to die slowly is a truly terrible act that only a heartless person could perform. But, on the other side of the coin, there are noble people who do good and dedicate themselves to saving animals in critical situations, to give them another chance in their lives. And it is the work of the latter that we will highlight in this story.

Underweight pitbull dog is rescued

underweight pitbull found abandoned apartment

Tara is a woman who is dedicated to providing shelter for animals that need it, she is one of those people who change the lives of many dogs. When Tara found out about the case of the pit bull dog named Daenerys, she decided to take care of her and take care of her until she fully recovered her health.

underweight pitbull found abandoned apartment

Sadly, Daenerys had been left in an abandoned apartment located in Phoenix, Arizona, apparently so that no one could find her and she slowly died. And although she is very lucky to have been found by a group of people, she cannot hide the bad experience that she lived in this place.

underweight pitbull found abandoned apartment

The dog only weighed 24 pounds at the time, so it is believed that she was rescued just in time, as it is not known how much longer she could have survived.

After being rescued, Daenerys moved to Tara’s foster home, where she could receive all the necessary care for her speedy recovery.

underweight pitbull found abandoned apartment

Tara quickly began to give her a lot of attention, gave her a bed, gave her a lot of support and the love she needed to fill her with energy. After spending 5 very delicate days, the sweet dog managed to get up and walk around her warm foster home for a bit.

underweight pitbull found abandoned apartment

Little by little the adorable Daenerys was gaining weight, she was gaining about 1 to 2 pounds per day and soon reached 57 pounds.

When she was strong enough, she started taking walks with her caregivers and let it be known that she loves swimming in the local lake.

underweight pitbull found abandoned apartment

It took her a long time to fully recover, but finally Daenerys was ready to look for a permanent home, so her rescuers set about finding the best family for her.

underweight pitbull found abandoned apartment

A Colorado-based woman named Justin learned of Daenerys’s story from a video posted by The Dodo on Facebook. She had been looking for a dog to adopt, but none managed to fully attract her attention, and upon meeting Daenerys she knew that the cute pitbull was the one for her.

Then, Justin sent a formal adoption request that was answered by Tara via email with all the recommendations and directions.

underweight pitbull found abandoned apartment

Tara contacted Justin through a phone call, to make it clear that the dog needed a house without pets and with older children.

Luckily, Justin lived alone, so at the time it was thought that she might be the perfect mother for sweet Daenerys.

underweight pitbull found abandoned apartment

Tara discussed the request with those in charge of the rescue center and they decided to arrange a meeting, to verify what the relationship between Justin and Daenerys would be like.

Justin said in an interview with Bored Panda:

“They took her from Arizona to Colorado! They are such dedicated people that they said that if I knew her and didn’t want to stay with her, they would turn away from her and take her back to Arizona. However, I instantly fell in love with her.”

underweight pitbull found abandoned apartment

Now Daenerys, or Miss D as her mother calls her, enjoys her life and is very happy to have a forever home.

Justin added:

“Miss D loves to travel in the car more than anything and I take her everywhere.”

underweight pitbull found abandoned apartment

Although the woman gave Daenerys a second chance, Justin says that her dog actually rescued her from depression.

Justin, commented:

“I just ended a marriage with a man who was an alcoholic and very destructive. She was devastated and struggling with life. Miss D has given me a new life full of joy.”

underweight pitbull found abandoned apartment

After being on the verge of collapse, Daenerys ran into the best foster mother, thanks to that her life changed completely and now her only concern is to enjoy her new home.