2 Kittens Wait At The Window Hoping To Find A Home For Them Both

United kittens wait for shelter window taken together

A couple of young kittens together wait every day at the window of their accommodation room for a loving family to find them, and decide to adopt them forever, but on condition that they are taken together to a home, since they are inseparable.

Xeno and Ripley arrived at the Exploits Valley SPCA shelter in Canada at the end of September thanks to a group of volunteers from the Boyd’s Cove TNR Project who found them in time.

The kittens weighed only 4 pounds and were around a year old, but the odd thing was that they shared a lovely litter of 8 kittens.

United kittens awaiting adoption

Feline family

Fortunately, the adorable moms have moved into a spacious room, filled with lots of comforts, blankets and toys, so they can raise their little ones. From the start, the two kittens have proven to be very close, so much so that they do all of their activities together, and raise their eight babies together.

Refuge volunteer Sarah MacLeod told The Dodo:

They are inseparable sisters who even walk with their tails tied.

United kittens wait

The feline in-laws are thriving satisfactorily, but both mothers know that raising such a large litter is a team effort. The babies still needed to grow a bit, so the volunteers at the shelter decided to keep them alone in a room, so they could progress in their development.

They both share their babies completely, within minutes one of the babies or even all eight can be breastfed by one of them.

The kittens are also so close that there is no way to know which baby is which mum, but Xeno and Ripley love it.

When they put aside the work of a responsible mother, they tend to stay out of their bedroom windows in the hope of attracting attention. They stay a few minutes in this place, sitting and watching the passers-by, in order to find a possible adopter.

Sarah added:

They love to look out the glass door into the hallway. They love the people and the attention!

United kittens wait for family

Although some of their babies already have families ready to be adopted, unfortunately none of the mothers received a single request.

Sarah commented:

At the moment there are no apps for Xeno and Ripley. They were the best mothers for all eight babies, although they were almost the size of a kitten.

Litter of kittens

However, the two kittens are now ready to put motherhood aside and wish to find a loving family forever.

They will continue to welcome all visitors who pass through their enclosure through the glass, while waiting for their dream to come true.

Kittens and family

Everyone at the shelter knows these kittens are lifelong bond and they want to give all their love to the right family.

If you are interested in adopting Xeno and Ripley, you can complete an application here.

Images: Facebook / Exploits Valley SPCA Adoptables

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