Unlikely Friendship: The Cat And The Rat Surprise Their Owner And Become Inseparable

unlikely friendship cat rat

The owner, Irina Kamenskaya, shares the antics of the duo on TikTok and exceeds 5.4 million hearts. In an interview with Bored Panda, she told how the cat came into her life, considering that she was already used to raising rats.

Irina said:

“I adopted Perseya when she was just a kitten. The daughter of a rat catcher cat, she learned to hunt rats because they weren’t given adequate food. People have often questioned my decision to bring a rat catcher into the house, fearing it would kill all the rats.”

unlikely friendship cat rat

Although she was born from a rat trap, Irina took Perseya in and allowed her to live with her rats. When Perseya arrived, another cat named Barsa did not accept her, but she was quickly taken in by a rat named Kuzya, who has since died.

Irina adds:

“When I brought her home she was only two months old and the other cat didn’t like her, she kept growling and hissing, but Perseya was saved by Kuzya the rat the smartest one I’ve ever had. The rat took the cat under his wing and they soon became inseparable. Unfortunately, Kuzya passed away a month later.”

unlikely friendship cat rat

Irina then brought home a month-old rat and named her Filya. Immediately, Perseya did the same thing she received when she arrived at the owner, she adopted the little rodent.

Irina continues:

“Perseya took to him immediately. Filya was fearless and loved playing with Perseya’s toys. They chase each other with teasing toys, especially a fish toy.”

Irina said that she once forgot to lock the rat’s cage and Filya escaped. He spent the day with the cats, playing, eating their food and drinking from their bowls.

unlikely friendship cat rat

“One day, leaving for work, I forgot to lock the rat’s cage, and Filya escaped. He spent the whole day with the cats. When I got home, I found the rat running around and the cats resting on the beds,” she pointed out.

After six months together, the cat and the rat don’t live very far from each other. Every night he runs to her and starts kissing her. “Filya is a very loving rat, while the other two rats just stay in their cage, he wants to be close to Perseya,” she described.

unlikely friendship cat rat

Irina details that lately the rat has started giving the cat affectionate nippings. “They snuggle up with Filya burying themselves in her fur and sometimes even making her purr.”

Follow the adventures of the cat and the rat on TikTok, here.



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