The unusual love story between a pigeon and a chihuahua that moves everyone

unusual love story pigeon chihuahua

The dog Lundy and the bird Herman caused a furor after the publication of an organization dedicated to the care of animals born with physical defects.

The human world has a lot to learn about the animal kingdom. And love and respect for diversity is one of those things. That’s why it’s surprising that Lundy, a chihuahua, and Herman, a pigeon, have built an incredible love story. Although they are two completely different animals, both show enormous tenderness towards each other, which has not gone unnoticed by thousands of people.

Fundaión Mía shared posts on social media that went viral. The Internet has fallen in love with these two little angels, who spend all day together, so much so that they have become totally inseparable from each other.

The Mia Foundation is an organization dedicated to the care of animals born with physical defects that prevent them from leading normal lives. They help them, find them homes where they are loved like any pet and they do impressive work with the most disadvantaged.

Lundy, the Chihuahua, suffered from a birth problem with his spinal cord that prevents him from walking normally; Herman the pigeon also has his own illnesses that prevent him from flying. But the dog that can’t walk and the bird that can’t fly have become close friends.

Sue Rogers, president of the Mia Foundation, explains to Debate that “the two animals become one, they are inseparable.” They started interacting when they were left in a dog bed together and since then they have spent the day playing and cuddling next to each other.

According to Rogers, Lundy was found by a volunteer and is recovering. They think he could walk with the help of his hind legs and find him a family. Meanwhile, Herman has adopted the role of mother and devotes herself to taking care of her little one, playing with the little dog.

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