The “unwanted” dog has finally found a home. It’s wonderful how he thanked his new family

unwanted dog found home thanked family

A dog named Peanut has almost completely lost faith that he will ever leave the walls of the shelter. Fortunately, a family in Arizona has expressed interest in adopting a pet. Her reaction for the rescue made everyone happy.

Dogs come to the shelter for many reasons, which often have nothing to do with the animal itself. The death or sudden deterioration in the health of the dog’s guardian, a move abroad, the loss of a pet are some of the many reasons why animals end up in boxes.

The dog should be sentenced to death

Among the charges brought by the homeless animal facility was Peanut. The dog is disabled and suffers from muscle atrophy, so hardly anyone has expressed interest in adopting a pet.

In many shelters in the United States, animals like Peanut often have no chance of finding a forever home. It is for this reason that they must be euthanized after a certain time.

The time since Peanut’s adoption has passed inexorably. With each passing day, it was feared that the dog would soon share the fate of the animals killed. Fortunately, that didn’t happen. A family from Arizona showed up at the shelter and fell in love with the dog at first sight.

The most beautiful thank you

A few months earlier, the family lost their former pet, which affected the well-being of everyone in the household, including the second pet. The absence of their beloved pet made them very depressed, so they decided to plug the hole in their hearts.

– My other old dog has been depressed since he died. I thought a younger dog to keep her company would be a great addition to the family. – We adopted Peanut after he spent 12 days in a slaughterhouse. When he arrived in his new home, he was terrified of everything.

The beginnings were not easy, but thanks to the love and compassion of his tutor, after some time, Peanut gained confidence and finally revealed his true nature. In the video posted online, you can see how filled with joy and gratitude he is at the sight of his beloved man. As a show of sympathy, he floods the face of the owner with wet kisses.

– In the first two weeks, she fell in love with daddy! – inform the owners of a cute animal. Let’s not forget that stray dogs do not end up in shelters by their fault and they always deserve a second chance, like any other pet.

The video:

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