Vet fired from job – 200 dogs ‘screamed in pain’ after being euthanized using ancient, cruel method

Vet fired 200 dogs
Pexels / Tima Miroshnichenko

The news that your dog is too sick and you should consider putting him to sleep is a decision every dog owner dreads.

But after taking into account the dog’s illness, injury or age, this may be the right start to end their suffering. When the time comes, we all want to think that our veterinarian is professional and will perform the procedure without causing any additional pain or suffering.

Now it turns out a veterinarian has been using ancient, ancient methods to put dogs to sleep, something he’s been doing for decades.

British veterinarian John Hendrie Smith, 89, is suspected of killing more than 200 dogs with an injection into the heart – an ancient anesthesia technique that has not been used for many years, reports the Times website .

His method, which caused “indescribable pain” to dogs, was revealed after a dog owner complained.

Darren Stevenson told a disciplinary committee that Hendry Smith made a home visit to euthanize his sick dog, Bowser, reports The Sun.

Vet fired 200 dogs
Darren Stevenson’s dog Bounce ‘screamed in pain’ as he was shot

They screamed in pain

Stevenson’s partner Rachel McRoberts told of the horrific moment she heard their dog screaming.

“It was horrible. The dog howled for what seemed like forever. I’ve never heard a dog make noises like that,” she said.

An open investigation revealed that John Hendrie Smith, a veterinarian who qualified in 1953, had used this method for thousands of years on more than 200 dogs. He admitted that many cried out in pain before dying.

According to WebMD, veterinarians inject intravenously into the leg and many veterinarians give the dog an anesthetic to calm it before the life-ending injection.

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