After $400 At The Vet, The Man Realizes That His Lame Dog Was Only Imitating Him

vet man lame dog Imitating

That dogs are capable of surprising us is clear to everyone. Anyone who shares life with a four-legged friend knows they have an incredible empathy with our emotions.

When our animals are sick or injured, we always worry a lot. We want to make sure they’re okay and get them to the vet as soon as possible.

But the story that comes from London can only surprise: it all started with a viral video posted on social media that shows a man with a leg in a cast who moves on crutches and his Lurcher dog laming by his side. The man’s name is Russell Jones and his problems started when he broke his ankle. But as if that weren’t enough, suddenly his dog Bill was also showing trouble with a paw which he started to lift with a visibly limp.

vet man lame dog Imitating

The truth was revealed right when the video was released and it was Russell himself who commented: “It cost me £ 300 in vets and x-rays, nothing wrong with that, just the compassion. I love “.

Russell Jones and his partner Michelle told the whole story on “This Morning”: “The next day after breaking my ankle I was limping around the house and Michelle realized he was copying me. We were afraid he would have problems so we contacted a vet but he told us he had no physical problem”.

The owner has his leg in a cast, the dog imitates him

But then the problem repeated itself, so the man’s partner decided to film the scene, making this video go viral. But a few days later, Michelle saw Bill running quietly in the garden when Russell wasn’t there.

And so they realized that he had no problem walking. In short, Bill was imitating his master as if he wanted to share his physical problems with him. Truly man’s best friend.

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