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The vet showed what he had removed from the dog’s ear. “I was speechless when I saw that”

A veterinarian used the example of one of his dog patients to show why it is necessary to regularly check the health of animals’ ears. What a specialist removed from a suffering animal’s ear canal is shocking. A video posted on social media showing this activity taking place surprised and terrified many pet owners. It turns out that many people don’t know how to take care of their dog’s ear hygiene.

Some dogs are particularly susceptible to ear infections

Dog ears can take many shapes. This body part of this species can be tiny, huge, vertical or flexible. This diversity means that each animal has a different susceptibility to health problems related to this area of the body. It turns out that some individuals are particularly susceptible to fungal and bacterial infections of the ear canal, causing pain and itching. Furthermore, if left untreated, they can lead to damage or even hearing loss. Therefore, every dog owner should know how to take care of their pet’s ear hygiene.

Owners of dogs with large floppy ears should check the condition of their pet’s ear canal, even every few days. These are the animals most likely to develop infections. This problem results from poor ventilation of the ears. Therefore, dogs with small and protruding ears relatively rarely face these types of problems.

The vet showed what can happen if you don’t take care of your dog’s ear hygiene

A veterinarian decided to show Internet users what happens if they don’t take care of their dog’s ear hygiene. In just a few minutes, the specialist removed a frightening amount of something from the suffering dog’s ear canal, which was an ideal place for pathogenic bacteria and yeast to multiply. The dog patient had been shaking his head nervously for a long time and rubbing his ears on various surfaces, typical symptoms of an ear canal infection.

vet showed what removed dog ear

A characteristic feature of the four-legged patient is that its ears are large, drooping and very hairy. This type of structure of this part of the body is an ideal place for the development of infections that cause great discomfort and pain. Worse still, it turns out that many owners of these types of animals don’t know that one of the activities they should regularly perform is pulling hair from their ears. Their excessive quantity can at one time prevent air circulation.

vet showed what removed dog ear

Dog ear infections are often the result of owner negligence

Failing to pluck hair from your dog’s ears leads to dampness and overheating of the ear canal, which is a direct cause of bacteria and yeast growth. Preventive hair removal of excessive hair from this part of the body, depending on the animal, should be carried out once every few weeks or several times a year. If you don’t do this, your pet will likely start having ear canal problems sooner or later.

vet showed what removed dog ear
vet showed what removed dog ear

This activity is carried out not only by veterinarians, but also by groomers. During a grooming visit to a dog salon, it is worth asking the specialist to also take care of the dog’s ears. It should be added that many owners of dogs with extremely hairy ears pluck excess hair from their pets. Ask for advice on how to do it correctly when you visit a veterinary office or grooming salon. Specialized powders and liquids are also useful for caring for your pets’ ears and can be purchased at many veterinary clinics.

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