In Istanbul, veterinarians travel by bus to treat stray dogs and cats


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An assistance service for street animals in difficulty, paid for by the municipality and that goes around the city, especially in summer, when the scorching heat and the litters make the life of our four-legged friends even harder .

Vetbüs Istanbul


This is what is happening in Istanbul, where the Vetbus service, launched on an experimental basis a few months ago, is now a consolidated reality and it was this summer that was fundamental to take care of dogs and cats. The principle is very simple and the use of social media is fundamental.

Through the Twitter account or the Facebook page, the veterinarians of Istanbul Buyuksehir Belediyesi, the metropolitan city of Istanbul, indicate where they plan to operate. At this stage, citizens bring in street animals that can not guarantee their care. Usually, they stay in a district for a week so that people have enough time to report difficult situations or bring suffering animals directly onto the bus.

Vetbüs Istanbul Vetbüs Istanbul


The “Alo 153” helpline also takes inquiries from citizens as part of the Vetbüs project.

A success made possible by an engagememt and a respect of the population with regard to the four-legged friends which is really unique. Dogs and cats receive the most disparate treatments, from vaccinations to the most complex operations. In addition to a good dose of hugs.

Vetbüs Istanbul


The work is not lacking. On their Twitter account, BWI veterinarians reported that from 5 to 18 August the Vetbus had performed 5,091 less complex operations, interventions and treatments, 1,161 vaccinations, 1,035 microarray installations and 356 sterilizations. Record numbers for a city known worldwide for its love of animals.Vetbüs Istanbul Vetbüs Istanbul



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