A Veterinarian Builds A Village For Dogs: A Paradise For Our 4-Legged Friends

veterinarian builds village dogs village

A village reserved for dogs, made up of wooden houses in a row, placed next to each other. Each house is characterized on the outside by a bright and lively color, while on the inside it offers all the unimaginable comfort, soft beds, underfloor heating, air conditioning, electricity and internet. These are advanced “cabins”, suitable not only for dogs but also for humans. After all, we are talking about a luxury that goes far beyond the thinkable!

This project ( Dog Village ) was well thought out by the Polish veterinarian, named Radoslav Fedachinsky. A generous man with a good and kind soul who cares about his pets. She works hard and works hard to make her little patients happy. He wanted to use all his energies, body and soul, for the creation of this “paradise”.

veterinarian builds village dogs village
Radoslav Fedachinsky

The shelter is in full development. 7 of the 40 planned houses have already been built. They have been made as comfortable as possible, in order to facilitate the integration of the puppies into the new environment, which at first sight will be unfamiliar to them. In addition, such comfort also benefits the village workers. It will be easier and more convenient to perform their functions.

The veterinarian paves the way for a new evolution

veterinarian builds village dogs village
Radoslav Fedachinsky

Well, yes, this new environment, so welcoming for homeless animals, will inspire this world always open to new things. Imagine how amazing it would be if there were many such shelters for homeless animals in the future. A more serene life can be given to unhappy children who were previously destined for a tragic fate. We hope for a great revolution and give new emotions and joys to those who have never had one!

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