The vet wanted to draw blood from the Labrador. When he inserted the needle, no one could have predicted the animal’s reaction

veterinarian draw blood Labrador reaction

Not everyone likes going to the doctor, let alone having blood drawn. The same is true for animals. This dog was referred for morphology, but his reaction to seeing a specialist with a syringe in his hand is surprising. You’ll never guess what he did when he felt the needle prick.

Of course, you can’t measure everyone with just one measurement and among people and animals there will be individuals who really enjoy visiting the doctor. If you are ever afraid of bleeding again, remember this story with a Labrador in the lead role!

Labrador at the vet

A recording has appeared on the Au Coeur Des Refuges Facebook account, which shows almost the whole process of the visit to the veterinarian of this black dog. The video begins with the dog jumping onto the table where patients are admitted without any help. It seems like he really enjoys doing it.

After a while, he politely sits on it and watches with interest what the vet is doing. At this time, the doctor prepares a needle and syringe, which will be used to draw blood from the patient on all fours. Finally, that seemingly unpleasant moment arrives.

The dog’s reaction is surprising

When the vet picks up the Labrador’s paw and then washes it with disinfectant, it turns out the dog doesn’t care at all. At one point, he even leans towards his face and gives him a nice kiss, as if to reassure him even more.

Then, with the help of a veterinary assistant, she efficiently inserts the needle. Then the person recording the whole event zooms in on the black dog’s face. From the look on his face, you can tell it’s not the nicest feeling in the world. Despite this, he sits politely on the table, does not try to break free and does not show the slightest aggression.

Such a patient is every veterinarian’s dream

It goes without saying that such patients at the vet certainly do not show up very often. The behavior of the labrador did not escape Internet users who did not spare him fine words in the comments under the recording. It’s hard to disagree with most of them.

– Absolutely adorable! Mine does almost the same thing, but instead of sitting still, he falls asleep like he’s going to spend the night at the vet! ;

– At the veterinarian for whom I worked, his boxer dog was the same, and in addition she turned her head to take a blood test;

– My ex-dog ran away and went to the vet, when the door opened, he realized that when he stepped on the scale he got treats;

– Where’s the vet? I have to draw blood and I’m going to get a kiss! – they write.

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