Vet Risks His Life To Save A Scared Dog On The Highway

veterinarian rescues frightened dog

Sometimes it takes a little courage to do well, as was the case of veterinarian Ovidiu Rosu, who needed much more than courage. The vet was driving on a highway in Bucharest, Romania, and he noticed something very strange in the middle of the busy road, it was a scared little dog hiding under the guardrail to avoid being knocked down by cars.

In the video below, we can see Ovidiu walking down the middle of the road, clinging to the railing as he walks towards the endangered animal. A few meters away is a very frightened dog.

Vet Risks His Life And Saves A Scared Dog On The Road

Ovidiu knows he has to get closer, so he raises his left leg over the railing and slowly, after gaining his trust, goes to grab the little dog frozen in fear under the railing.

Ovidiu Rosu rescues dog

Ovidiu Rosu explained:

She must have been abandoned right next to the highway, and trying to cross it, she must have been too scared to get to the other side.

Veterinarian rescues dog on the road

As we see in the dramatic footage shared by Caters News, Ovidiu finally takes a few steps towards the dog, kneeling down to quickly grab her before she can run away.

rescued bertha

Ovid added:

The hardest part was gaining her trust when I approached her, the last thing I wanted was for her to panic and run-in traffic. Luckily, I managed to approach her easily. She really is an adorable little dog.


Ovidiu named the dog Berta, and now he cares for her at home until she finds a forever home.

Images: Ovidiu Rosu/ Caters News

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