A video of a veterinary clinic has gone viral. They showed how a veterinarian treats his patients

veterinary clinic video went viral
Tiktok / drtom83

Few people realize what really happens on duty in a veterinary clinic. Dr. Thomas Hamilton decided to give Internet users a glimpse into the life of a veterinarian and show what he does with his four-legged patients. Under his care, the animals definitely can’t complain about the lack of excitement! Do you entrust your pet in his hands?

People who treat their animals like their closest friends choose their possible replacement caregivers very carefully and are willing to pay a lot to provide them with proper professional treatment and care. Naturally, everyone wants to find dedicated veterinarians who truly care about their patients.

This is how a veterinarian treats his patients

Some specialists see clearly that they practice their profession out of passion and great love for the creatures who come to their offices. This is undeniably also the case of Dr. Thomas Hamilton working at the Rhode Island Animal Medical Center in the United States. A specialist experienced in treating dogs, cats and other pets allowed his patients to literally go over his head!

veterinary clinic video went viral
Tiktok / drtom83

Dr. Thomas Hamilton showed what happens in his office when the door closes behind a sick dog or cat. Animals lick his face, settle in the pockets of his vet coat, and sometimes interfere with his paperwork.

veterinary clinic video went viral
Tiktok / drtom83

As you can see from the recordings he publishes, the clinic has an individual approach to the patient, which is why the doctor meets the needs of each animal with the utmost care. At the same time, he is not lacking in empathy, tender gestures and understanding. Undoubtedly, many colleagues could take an example from him.

veterinary clinic video went viral
Tiktok / drtom83

A video showing a doctor taking care of a pit bull puppy is particularly popular on the Internet. The two-minute clip shows how Dr. Tom gains the animal’s trust and makes all his fears go away. Just look ! The toddler approaches the man without a trace of fear, and the man immediately picks him up and hugs him. The animal then clearly feels more comfortable and allows the doctor to examine it more closely.

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– I want to hug the dog and the vet – writes a user under one of the videos.

“How nice, you are doing a great job,” another user concluded.

This Vet Became a TikTok Star

Dr. Thomas Miller is very popular on TikTok. His videos conquer the hearts of Internet users, but there is nothing to be surprised about. It does its job in a way that’s pleasing to the eye. The man even made his debut on the TV show “Good Morning America.” Since then, he has appeared several times in front of the cameras as an expert.

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When asked about his unique approach to pets, Dr. Hamilton reveals that sometimes it’s necessary to prescribe a recipe for treats or perform an unpleasant procedure, but through kindness and compassion, every veterinarian or animal lover can change. a dog’s view of who a man is, and where in the world he is. It is enough to treat them with due respect for the relationship between man and animal to immediately improve.

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