Viral video: The mischievous little pup relentlessly attacks a large pit bull. In his place, everyone would lose patience

viral little playful puppy attacks big pitbull

Pit bull, Amstaff, Doberman… these are just some of the dog breeds classified as aggressive, and some even tend to call them “killer dogs”, but is that true? The answer to this question is not clear, because apart from the dog’s innate predispositions, what matters most are education and environmental factors. The recording with the participation of a pit bull and his boyfriend shows how harmful myths about aggressive dogs are to them. How did he react to the actions of the “dangerous” puppy?

Mischievous puppy attacks pit bull

In a popular YouTube video, we see a large white dog lying on an open balcony window, presumably resting after a hard day. Viewers are sure that this is a representative of the American Pit Bull Terrier breed, which is commonly called a pit bull.

At one point, a small brown puppy approaches the animal lying on the ground and begins to attack it, persistently biting its muzzle. The little dog does not give up despite being several times smaller than his opponent. Netizens are even wondering if he’s unaware of his own size, or if he’s just so bored that they don’t bother him when he tackles a huge pit bull. And although the second dog is only interested in lying down for a long time, at some point he completely changes his attitude.

The Pit bull finally responded to the pup’s taunts

At first, the pit bull doesn’t seem to notice the efforts of the smaller animal and continues to indulge in blissful relaxation. However, after a while the puppy starts to annoy him more and more and he tries to drive him away by changing the position of his head.

Eventually the big dog gives up and starts playing with the puppy. Interestingly, despite his much larger size, he still behaves gently so as not to hurt his boyfriend. This video may be proof for all the skeptics that pit bulls, despite their dangerous appearance and repeated assurances about their aggressive behavior, can be truly tender and loving pets.

Remember that aggression does not appear out of nowhere, and that an animal’s behavioral problems are influenced, among other things, by: inappropriate training at the puppy’s age, traumatic experiences in the past or methods of improper training and mistreatment.

Watch the video :

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