Wally dreams of having fun like his friends. But a tomcat’s life is a constant struggle for every breath

Wally cat dreams of having fun like his friends

The unusual appearance of animals is a distinctive feature that attracts the attention of many people. Tetrapods that stand out from other representatives of their species often arouse great interest. Some people love hairless cats, others seek animals with a unique coat color. However, it turns out that the unusual appearance is often associated with many problems. This was the case of Wally, a cat delighted with the shape of his head but at the same time unable to function normally. He had to undergo a serious operation to be able to live comfortably.

A unique-looking cat who suffers every day

Wally is a purebred cat. He is Persian. This breed is considered one of the most distinctive cat breeds in the world. Persians are large – they weigh up to 7 kilograms. They are characterized by a stocky body structure. Their head is round, broad and flattened. The eyes are shallow.

The features highlighted are unknown among feral cats. They have been preserved thanks to breeding work focused on the appearance of the animals. Unfortunately, it turns out that Persian cats, despite being very popular among animal lovers, often do not have a comfortable life. On the contrary, many of them suffer on a daily basis. This was the case with Wallie. His physique prevented him from functioning normally. The slightest physical activity immediately made him lose his strength.

Wally cat dreams of having fun like his friends

The cat was blessed with a comfortable life. The cost of the operation was terrifying

It turned out that Wally got tired very quickly because of his distorted nostrils. They were constructed in such a way that they prevented him from breathing normally. This caused the cat to lose its breath even for half a minute of play. The nostrils were a source of discomfort and, even worse, a threat to the dog’s life.

The cost of the operation was very high, amounting to more than 12,000 PLN. That’s probably why the kitten ended up at the shelter. It is possible that its previous owners decided that the cat was not worth such an investment.

Luckily, Wally ended up in Jacqueline’s care. The woman decided to do everything to fight the tomcat. She organized a fundraiser for the operation. It turned out that many people voluntarily joined the procedure that was supposed to allow the Persian to live a normal life.

Wally cat dreams of having fun like his friends

Wally finally took a deep breath. He’s changed beyond recognition

The operation is a success. Wally woke up quickly from the anesthesia and was finally able to breathe normally. It was obvious that the animal immediately felt enormous relief. For the first time in his life, he was able to see for himself what it means to have a fully functioning respiratory system.

The cat recovered after the operation within a few days. He has changed a lot. He became more active and eager to play. He acted as if he wanted to make up for the time when the deformed nostrils prevented us from any physical activity.

Thanks to his unique appearance and kindness, Wally quickly found a foster family. He went to a house with other cats. He can now enjoy varied company, lots of toys and loving owners. He has nothing to do with the cat he was before the operation.

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