Water bills are increasing every month. He was shocked when he found out the reason, the cat had a lot of fun

Water bills increasing every month cat

A tenant had been facing very high water bills for several months. Even though the apartment owner was convinced that he had not changed his habits, according to the meter, the household’s water consumption increased significantly. He looked for a long time to find the cause of the problem. It turned out that the reason behind all this was his pet, who was going crazy in the bathroom when his owner was away.

Bills suddenly skyrocketed

In times of galloping inflation, everyone, without exception, faces an alarming rise in the prices of basic products. A surprisingly high bill to pay is the nightmare of everyone trying to save during this time.

For several months, a man had been struggling with worrying sums linked to wastewater charges. According to the meters, water consumption has increased significantly compared to the previous period, but man has not introduced any significant changes in his life that would have led him to consume much more water than before. He was convinced there had been an error or malfunction.

He looked for a long time to find the cause of the problem. The cat was having fun at that moment

The frustrated owner of the apartment decided to do everything to solve the problem of excessive water consumption as quickly as possible. He knew it had nothing to do with his habits. He is therefore convinced that there was a misunderstanding.

After hiring a plumber, it turned out everything was fine. The plumber found no leaks or other defects that could cause increased water consumption. This situation seemed to make no sense until the day the man caught his roommate in the act. In the end, it turned out that the cat was responsible for the increased water consumption in the apartment!

The cat turned the toilet into a playground

The man found his pet doing an unusual activity and everything became clear… The animal was absorbed in pressing its front paws on the toilet flush. Apparently the sound of water being drawn was something the cat really liked.

While its owner was away, the cat passed the time by throwing water from the cistern. The animal often remained alone in the apartment for many hours and therefore had enough time to pass enough water for this to be visible on the monthly bills.

It turns out that it is worth diversifying your pet’s time. Otherwise, the animal can come up with its own activity.

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