8 Breeds Of Water Dogs


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Water dog breeds are a medium sized dog family, and they are distinguished by their woolly and / or curly coats, active demeanor, and remarkable vocation for aquatic activities. These dogs were associated with fishing and small game hunting, serving primarily as collectors of birds and small aquatic mammals.

Subsequently, due to their energetic temperament, versatility, and training predisposition, Water Dogs were able to easily adapt to other dog activities and sports, but they also became Very popular companion dogs, despite their slightly independent character.

If you are thinking of adopting a water dog or want to learn more about the history of the different dog breeds known today, you are on the right page. In this article, we invite you to learn more about the 8 most famous water dog breeds in the world. Do not miss anything!

1. Barbet

Water dog breeds Barbet

The barbet, also known as the French water dog, is considered the quintessential water dog, having participated in the creation not only of the poodle, but also of all the breeds of water dogs that will appear on our list. It is a very old breed of dog that originated in France and gained great popularity throughout Europe during the 15th and 16th centuries. He was originally trained to hunt small game, particularly as a collector of wild water birds.

Medium-sized, the barbet is characterized by a long, woolly, curly coat, which grows profusely and may eventually form streaks in adult dogs. This striking and peculiar coat requires specific maintenance to avoid breaking the hair fiber and, at the same time, to keep it free of knots and dirt. As for his temperament, he is an energetic and sociable dog, who experiences a very special bond with his guardians. He is also a water lover and an excellent swimmer, greatly enjoying water activities.

2. Poodle

Water dog breeds

Distinguished as one of the most intelligent dog breeds, the Poodle is the most popular water dog in the world. Although its birth is generally attributed to France, its origins are controversial and it is believed that the appearance and behavior of the Poodle as we know them today was influenced by barbet dogs, which will also be on our list of breeds of water dogs.

Currently, the Poodle or Poolde is one of the most beloved companion dogs for its cheerful, intelligent and versatile temperament, which allows it to easily adapt to guardians of different personalities and lifestyles. But in its early days, the breed was bred to function as collector dogs, primarily waterfowl, so it maintains a well-developed sense of prey.

3. Portuguese Water Dog

Water dog breeds
Portuguese Water Dog

The Portuguese Water Dog, also known as the Portuguese Cão, is a medium-sized dog with harmonious characteristics, which exhibits a very balanced temperament and predisposed to training, as well as an excellent dowry for swimming. The official breed standard recognizes two varieties of coat in the Portuguese Water Dog: the long wavy and the curly, both considered hypoallergenic.

Its history is intimately linked to that of the Spanish water dog, as its origins are associated with the arrival of Muslims on the Portuguese coast, mainly in the Algarve region. In addition to likely sharing a common ancestry, the two breeds were influenced by crossbreeds with the barbet dog.

4. Spanish water dog

Water dog breeds
Spanish water dog

The Spanish Water Dog is one of the most popular dog breeds originating in Spain. As this is an ancient race, little is known about its birth, but its origins are believed to date back to the arrival of Muslims in the Iberian Peninsula in the middle of AD 711. Although there are hypotheses that attribute his birth to the region of Cantabria (in northern Spain), his upbringing has always been particularly popular in Andalusia, where he is known as the “Turkish Dog”.

In the 18th century, they were widely used as working dogs in Spanish fields, mainly performing grazing and small game functions. But perceiving their remarkable swimming skills, fishermen in northern Spain also began to use them as aids.

Over the years, other breeds replaced the Spanish Water Dogs in these tasks, so their populations began to decline. Fortunately, due to their versatility, energy and intelligence, the Spanish Water Dog has adapted perfectly to dog sports, being today one of the most popular sport dogs in Spain.

5. American Water Spaniel

Water dog breeds
American Water Spaniel

The American Water Dog, also known by its original name American Water Spaniel (AMS), is an unpopular American dog outside its home country. Its birth was linked to the rise of commercial bird hunting in the United States, and the earliest stories of these furry animal’s date back to the 1800s. To this day, it is not yet known exactly which breeds were used in the creation of the AMS, but the Spanish Water Dog, Field Spaniel and the now extinct English Water Spaniel are believed to have participated in its development.

This medium-sized American Water Dog exhibits an energetic, friendly and intelligent character, very affectionate and protective with his loved ones, but somewhat wary in the presence of strangers. Likewise, he has a strong and stubborn personality, so he must have the patience and dedication of his tutors to receive an optimal education. With the correct socialization, they tend to be great companion dogs, being able to adapt even to families with children.

6. Lagotto Romagnolo

Water dog breeds
Lagotto Romagnolo

The Romagna Water Dog is a medium-sized Italian dog breed, whose origins and its own name date back to the Romagna region. As a good water dog, he was originally trained as a waterfowl that mainly lived near swampy areas. But later a magnificent truffle finder was also revealed and, of course, an unconditional companion.

Its most notable feature is, logically, the woolly, dense and curly coat that characterizes water dog breeds. When it comes to character, the Romagna Water Dog is an energetic, alert and loyal dog with well-developed senses and a notable vocation for work and swimming. Due to their great energy and remarkable intelligence, they must be stimulated daily, physically and mentally, in addition to having an enriched environment to maintain a balanced behavior.

7. Frisian water dog

Water dog breeds
Frisian water dog

The Frisian Water Dog, better known as the Wetterhoun, is a medium-sized Dutch dog breed that is distinguished by its abundant curly coat formed by tufts of dense, coarse hair. However, woolly-looking fur, with fine or sparse strands, is considered a serious fault according to the official standard published by the FCI.

Friesian Water Dogs display an energetic and stubborn temperament, needing to be accompanied by active and dedicated guardians who have the patience and knowledge to stimulate their minds and positively educate them. When properly socialized, they can live well with other animals and share games with children.

Despite his exuberant beauty, this Dutch water dog is little known outside of his home country, where he was originally trained to hunt small game of birds and small aquatic mammals. Later they were also trained

8. Irish Water Spaniel

Water dog breeds
Irish Water Spaniel

The Irish Water Dog, or Irish Water Spaniel, is one of the oldest dog breeds in the spaniel family. The earliest references to aquatic dogs in Ireland date back to the 1600s, but the first Irish Water Spaniel Club was not founded until 1890. Unfortunately, no reliable record is known of dogs as the ‘father Of the breed would have used, the Mr. Justin McCarthy, in his development. It is believed that the Poodle, Portuguese Water Dog, and Barbet were among the breeds involved in the creation of the Irish Water Dog.

Like all breeds of water dogs, the Irish Water Spaniel exhibits an active, alert and predisposed character for training and work. Its natural versatility allows it to easily adapt to guardians and families with different lifestyles, and can be great companions for children, provided they are given good socialization. A curiosity about this breed is its adorable facial expressions which make Irish Water Dogs seem like a constant smile.