10 Ways To Cheer Up Your Dog

ways cheer up dog

Do you know that terrible feeling when your four-legged friend is sad and you can’t do anything about it? A dog is the happiest creature in the world and when his mood suddenly drops, it’s hard to stay calm. What to do in such cases? How do you cheer up a dog?

Why is the dog sad? Maybe he’s bored with old toys, doesn’t have the owner’s attention, or wants to go for a walk. There can be many reasons. But the first thing the owner should do when detecting a change in mood is to make sure that everything is in order with the health of the animal.

If your dog suddenly becomes sad and lethargic, be sure to consult your veterinarian. You need to make sure that nothing threatens his health.

After ruling out health issues, think about what might be bothering the dog. The animal may be worried for reasons you didn’t expect: because of the loud noise, the haunting smell, the arrival of guests, or maybe the new vacuum cleaner is scaring him! Try to identify and eliminate the irritant. And if that doesn’t help, check out our plan. These 10 steps should lift your pet’s spirits!

ways cheer up your dog

How to cheer up a sad dog?

1.     Fun Walk

Dogs get tired of sitting between four walls for a long time. Sometimes, to fight a bad mood, it is enough to take them for a walk. On the street, keep your dog busy with his favorite game or just take a leisurely walk, whichever he prefers.

2.     New commands

The dog must develop not only physically, but also intellectually. Pets love to explore the world around them, interact with family members, learn something new. Their intelligence must be stimulated. If the dog is not engaged for a long time, it will get bored.

Be sure to offer the dog new games, learn new commands. It is not necessary to teach the dog only standard commands, you can create your own. For example, some dogs can open doors or turn off lights. Well, everyone will be happy to bring the owner the right thing. The main thing is to teach him how to do it.

Turn training and education into an interesting and exciting game, and your pet’s good mood will be your reward!

3.     Treats

Special treats for dogs are indispensable in education and training. But their other purpose is to please the animal like that, for no reason!

To cheer up your dog, get a new, unusual treat so that its taste is new to your pet. It is important to choose a specially balanced treat for dogs and not to use food from the refrigerator. Otherwise, the diarrhea will also join the decadent mood of the animal!

4.     Balanced diet

Bad mood and lethargy, malnutrition is often to blame. You may have noticed this for yourself. In spring and autumn, vitamins are drunk to cope with lethargy. And our pets also need nutrients to feel good.

Make sure the food you choose is balanced and suitable for your dog. If you feed your pet natural products, ask your veterinarian to prescribe a vitamin and mineral complex.

5.     Correct the daily routine

A dog is a full-fledged member of the family that requires a lot of attention. With a dog, you have to walk, play, learn and practice commands daily, participate in training, grooming, etc. If a dog is home alone all day and the owner who has come home from work is not paying attention to him, he has every reason to be upset.

ways cheer up your dog

6.     New toys

Even the most exciting toys end up being bored by the dog. Therefore, experts recommend alternating them from time to time and not forgetting about new clothes. If you haven’t pleased your pet with new toys in a long time, it’s time to upgrade. Give your pet shiny specialty toys that match the characteristics of its breed.

7.     Good Company

Loneliness is very difficult for many dogs, literally exhausted in anticipation of the owner. Often, leaving them alone is a real mockery. That is why sociable, active and affectionate dogs are recommended not for one person, but for large families.

Another way to brighten up your pet’s hobbies is to have another dog, and maybe even a cat. They won’t both be bored!

8.     Swimming

Remember that swimming relieves stress! This is also true for dogs. If it’s summer and the weather is nice, take your pet to a pool of safe water and have a good swim. Resting in nature with his beloved owner, the dog will not be sad! Don’t forget to bring water toys with you.

9.     Massage

The meaning is not in the massage, but in the caress. Dogs love to be petted by their owners. Treat your pet to an evening of happiness: pet and hug it often.

10.  “A Heart-to-Heart Conversation”

Do not hesitate to talk to the dog. He desperately needs your words! Studies have shown that over time, the dog begins to understand the meaning that its owner puts in a particular word. The more often you communicate with him, the more important his “vocabulary” will be. And the dog is a great listener!

We hope these tips will help keep your dog entertained. Feel free to tell us!


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