7 Ways To Make Your Cat Love You

Ways To Make Your Cat Love You

Cats are bred as pets all over the world. They are very fickle creatures that can purr affectionately at first, and after a few seconds they can scratch or ignore you. If you establish a positive relationship with your pet and learn to understand their behavior, over time the cat will become attached to you and even fall in love with you.

Do you think that a furry pet is cold to you? We will tell you what to do to win her heart.

7 ways to make your cat love you

1.     Don’t force him

Cats are independent creatures, so in order to achieve their favor, you should first of all take a closer look and listen to her needs. This is the fastest way to find the key to her heart.

2.     Pay attention to him

Despite their independence, cats need our attention. Cats that owners often communicate with are more likely to reciprocate. Contrary to popular belief, cats like not only to lie on their knees, many of them are very fond of the game, and not independently, but with the owner. Playing with your cat for at least 5-10 minutes every day will win her heart.

3.     Play the games your cat likes

If you bought a teaser toy, and the cat is only watching but not eager to play, do not be disappointed. Cats have different preferences. Some like to play with the ball, others prefer to catch up with it and bring it to the owner, still others love mice, and still others are delighted with the usual candy wrapper. Take a closer look at what your cat likes? Ironically, expensive interactive toys do not always attract cats: dry pasta can be much nicer for them.

4.     Don’t be intrusive

Sometimes a cat wants to be alone and, as a rule, makes it clear: it leaves, does not respond to your suggestions to play, takes tense poses, makes displeased sounds. In this case, it is better to leave her alone – she will be grateful to you.

5.     Don’t punish the cat

Even if the cat did something wrong: broke a flower pot, walked past the litter box, or sharpened its claws on the wallpaper, there is no need to punish it. Screaming, let alone hitting a cat, is one of the most hopeless pursuits. The only thing that can be achieved in this way is to instill fear and dislike in the cat. Instead of punishing, try to understand what exactly caused the unwanted behavior, and then try to change it. For example, if your cat jumps on the table, don’t swear, but try offering her a treat on the floor to get her downstairs.

6.     Pet your cat wherever he likes

All cats are different. And although most of them like it when their neck or behind the ear is scratched, and do not like it when their belly is touched, some cats love it when the owner scratches their belly. How do you know what your cat likes? Observe carefully her reaction: if you have chosen the right place, the cat will growl and substitute him, if not, she will immediately make it clear by trying to leave or roll over.

7.     Make sure he has his own hideout

Every cat should have a safe place where it can hide from everyone if it does not want companionship. This can be a cat complex, a place on the mezzanine or in a closet, or any other place where she can be left alone and be sure that no one will bother her until she herself wants to go out.


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