Weight And Height Of The Husky Puppy By Month

weight height husky puppy month

A puppy’s height and weight are key indicators of its health and proper development. The Huskies, which look like real plush toys, actually become big sled dogs. Therefore, owners should observe the baby and provide it with proper care. This short article contains a monthly weight and height chart to make it easier for owners of these adorable dogs to keep track of their pet’s development.

What do newborn huskies look like?

A newborn husky should look like puppies of most other breeds – they have chubby paws, closed eyes, and the coat is usually white and spotted. Puppies’ eyes open and begin to see clearly only two weeks after birth. During this period, the pupils are very sensitive and do not like bright light.

weight height husky puppy month

How old do huskies grow?

Until they are six months old, huskies generally grow at the same rate. And in six months, huskies of different sexes are already beginning to develop in different ways. Thus, the girls actively develop and grow up to eight months, then continue to grow gradually up to a year. The weight continues to increase for up to two years, until the dog is finally trained. At two years, the growth period of the husky finally ends. When a female enters her first estrus, she may grow a little more slowly. However, this is a temporary state.


Males take a little longer to grow than females. Their active development and growth last up to nine months. The final growth of the dog is formed by one and a half years. The male husky does not become an adult, trained by a dog, until the age of two or three years.

What affects the size and weight of puppies?

Many internal and external factors influence the weight and size of small huskies. The main ones are:

  • Heredity. This is one of the most important factors that determine the intensity of development and growth of the puppy. In addition, it is heredity that affects the onset of the first estrus in a woman.
  • Conditions of detention. If the puppy is on the street (i.e., lives in an area aviary), it grows faster than apartment huskies. At the same time, the weight of the latter is usually greater, since when kept in an apartment, the dog moves much less frequently and less.
  • The quality of their upkeep and culture. If the breeder has conscientiously dealt with the maintenance of the puppies and their pregnant mother, at the time of sale they will reach normal physiological parameters.
  • Past illnesses. If a baby had a serious infection or other illness in childhood, he may gain weight and height a little slower than his peers.
  • Foods. For a husky to grow and develop normally, he must eat well. If the owner provides the four-legged friend with all the necessary substances, vitamins and minerals, he will grow up as a healthy and strong puppy. This can be achieved with a natural diet and when feeding ready-to-eat dry foods. But, according to breeders, puppies raised on a natural diet always grow faster.
  • The degree of physical activity. As mentioned earlier, “flat” huskies gain weight faster, but grow slower. Such a sedentary image in a puppy will further affect its health, so the owner should provide the pet with constant and long walks.

Of course, the pace and intensity of a dog’s development does not always depend on one of the reasons listed above. Each husky grows according to an individual scenario.

Table of height and weight of a husky puppy by weeks and months

Below is a chart showing the average height and weight of the Husky breed. Small deviations (up to 10%) from the dimensions given in the table

weight height husky puppy month

How to measure the parameters of a dog?

To measure the growth of a husky, you need to place the dog on a flat, hard surface. For the reliability of the result, it is important that the animal remains completely still. If the child is trained and knows how to stand in an exhibition stand, this will not be a problem. And if the puppy tries to run away, you need to attract its attention with a treat or a toy. But you need to do this with an assistant, because it is quite difficult to keep the baby’s attention and measure its height alone.

When the husky does not move, you need to take a centimeter tape (or other measuring device) and tie it to the dog’s withers. Then pull its edge to the ground and see the final value. Readings should be recorded in a notebook so that it is more convenient to follow them.


Three-month-old husky puppies are best measured on the floor and young dogs on the table. You need to make sure that the animal does not fall from there and jump to the ground.

weight height husky puppy month

Deviation from the norm of weight and height – what to do

It should be noted that in the table of the sizes of husky puppies by month, the average statistical values ​​​​of the height and weight of huskies are indicated. Therefore, they cannot be considered as the sole point of reference. If the puppy weighs or is 10% smaller or larger than the figure given in the chart, there is no need to panic. Such a deviation is quite acceptable and does not indicate health problems.

But in a situation where a husky is far behind the norm (with a deviation from the average values ​​​​of more than 10%), you need to find out the reason for this as soon as possible. Sometimes such a shift is simply an individual characteristic of the baby or is associated with heredity. It also happens that monthly husky puppies grow so quickly that their bodies do not have time to gain weight. Such situations do not require the intervention of doctors, it is enough to wait for the phase of active development of the dog.

If the lack of body weight of the husky is associated with an incorrect diet, it is recommended to increase the protein and fat content of the menu (when feeding with natural products) or change the brand of dry food for more nutritious and higher food. – one calorie. In addition, it is worth giving the baby vitamin-mineral complexes, which will have a beneficial effect on the young body. But this can only be done after consulting a veterinarian.


If a weight deficit is observed in an adult Husky, in most cases, the problem is resolved by increasing the frequency and duration of walks, increasing physical activity.

From puppy to adult dog

The normal ratio of weight and height indicators directly affects the health of the animal, its appearance and life expectancy. Obese Huskies are prone to heart and vascular disease, diabetes, and joint dysplasia. Therefore, owners of dogs of this breed should know the norms in order to correctly compose the pet’s menu and calculate the physical activity required for it. But at the same time, it should be remembered that the average indicators of weight and height are advisory in nature. They cannot therefore be considered mandatory.

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