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The story of Wendy, the Labrador who breastfed six abandoned kittens: “Her generosity was unique”

Wendy nursed six abandoned kittens for three months. Today, she is no longer here, but her people will never forget her: “We miss her every day.”

She took the abandoned kittens her family had rescued and nursed them for three months. As if they were his puppies. For Wendy, a Labrador, they were just little ones who needed care.

“Why she was like that: a loving and special dog who is still missed a lot.” This story is told by Wendy’s partner in memory of her beloved Labrador, who died in 2018 at the age of 14.

Wendy lived in Cagliari, Italy, with her family: “We adopted her when my son was little so they could grow up together and they were always very close. They slept together.”

But Wendy’s great generosity was particularly evident during an event that Alessandra, even today, is moved to talk about: “My son was returning from a bike ride with six kittens that he had found in the street, abandoned -. They were very small, we immediately worked to feed them, bought special milk and put them in a basket.”

The next day, however, something unexpected happened: the six little ones were no longer in their basket. “We looked for them everywhere in the house – explains Atzei -. Finally, with great surprise, we found them. All six were in Wendy’s kennel, pressed against her. I approached and she growled, like if she wanted to protect her little ones.

But the strangest thing was something else: “Wendy breastfed the little ones as if they were her real children. Even though she was already ten years old and neutered, she had milk to feed the kittens for three months before weaning them. We were speechless.”

Wendy Labrador breastfed six abandoned kittens

The vet explains how something similar could happen: “Spaying does not affect breastfeeding. Rather, it is prolactin produced by the pituitary gland, a gland located in the brain, which stimulates and maintains lactation. It can therefore happen that females and sterilized dogs produce milk. The kittens will likely be stuck to Wendy’s nipples, increasing prolactin levels in her blood and stimulating milk production.

Thanks to Wendy’s care, the kittens grew up healthy and strong: “Two stayed with us, while the other four were given up for adoption – explains Atzei – I will never forget my Wendy surrounded by these little ones felines, with so much care, love and thoughtfulness. She was unique.

A similar story to that of Georgia, a dog living in Phoenix, Arizona, United States, Georgia, was found pregnant and abandoned and who was adopted by the Sunshine Dog Rescue shelter. Despite the care, she lost her puppies during birth, but life then gave her three kittens which she adopted as her own puppies.

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