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What do you need to know about pit bulls?

When choosing hardy and temperamental dogs, you need to remember the characteristics of the breed.

Until recently, teenagers chose clothes with a pit bull print as a symbol of strength and courage. At the same time, these dogs are associated with loyalty and devotion. People who keep a pit bull as a pet are characterized by self-confidence, independence and authority. After all, that’s the kind of owner that would suit these dogs.

Raising pit bulls requires special attention, proper socialization and training. The formidable dog will then become a loyal and balanced pet.

Comes from the kingdom

The official name of the breed is “American Pit Bull Terrier”. But the dogs were brought to the United States from Britain. There, pit bulls were bred to participate in bloody entertainment: dog fighting. But fortunately, in 1835 a ban on such fights appeared.

A model of self-control

Most likely, this statement also seems strange to you, because when you talk about pit bulls, you imagine an angry dog with a smile in a fighting stance. These are the ones depicted on the “Be careful, there is an angry dog in the yard” signs. However, pit bull owners have verified that these dogs, with good training, can perfectly keep their emotions under control.

From an early age, the pit bull puppy needs to be socialized; take the time to receive training from a professional dog handler. Then everyone will only envy you how loyal and peaceful your pet is.


Pit bulls have excellent memory and thinking skills. They learn commands well and memorize tricks. It is necessary to reinforce each success with encouragement, such as a treat. However, due to their stubborn nature, pit bulls can be temperamental and disobedient. The help of a specialist is therefore necessary during training.

Large tenants

Pit bulls don’t cover the house with fur, it’s smooth, they don’t drool, and the size isn’t too big. But active walks are necessary to keep the body in a good mood and a set of muscles in good shape. There is one “but”: they don’t like being alone in the apartment, solitude is difficult for them.

No pets allowed

In a number of countries, pit bulls cannot be kept at home as a fighting breed. Surprisingly, the top of the list of states where pit bulls are banned is Britain, where these dogs were bred. Also, at the legislative level, it is prohibited to have pit bulls in Poland, Australia, Portugal, Denmark, Switzerland and some other countries.

Do you like pit bulls? Could you raise such a difficult dog?

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