Not sure what to do with your dog’s hair after brushing? Apply this trick, someone else will thank you

what to do dog hair brushing
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The air temperature remains above 20 degrees Celsius? This is a sign that dog owners will need to comb their dogs’ hair. This part of the chores can be a nuisance for dog owners. We often throw away the abundant undercoat, even if it is a serious error.

For you, dog hair is waste, for others a valuable raw material. The Internet user shows how to use what remains after having combed his animal. Other animal species will thank you for this eco-friendly way to use dog hair.

What to do in case of animal hair loss? Some people make real art out of trash

Although dog hair is considered litter, many people don’t know what to do with it. Environmentally conscious pet owners have found many ways to use this valuable raw material. Some of them are more artistic, while others are more practical.

what to do dog hair brushing
Pexels / Yaroslav Shuraev

Some people take advantage of the insulating nature of dog hair and use it as… pillow stuffing. The bravest pet owners weave the undercoat into knitted sweaters or other crafts. Environmentally conscious clothing designers are increasingly using this waste for their clothing, for example for the production of environmentally friendly shoes. Rest assured; dog hair has other uses too. You don’t have to wear it to protect the environment. By leaving it on the balcony, you can help the birds.

Dog hair is rubbish for you and treasure for birds. Do it to help the animals

Internet users share the idea of using dog hair. By not doing much, you can help local birds. Just leave the fur on the balcony or in the feeder instead of throwing it in the trash.

Why is it worth doing? Animal hair is a natural raw material with thermal insulation properties. It is useful for birds to build nests, thus isolating the structure. The dog’s undercoat does not get too much water and dries quickly. Thanks to this, bird’s nests are resistant to weather conditions.

Before leaving dog hair on the balcony, remember one important thing. You can accidentally hurt the birds you are gifting.

what to do dog hair brushing
Want to make a gift to our local birds? If you have a pet at home that moults in the spring, its fur can be used to build nests – an idea from a friend from Wilanów

Keep this in mind before giving the fur to the birds. You can accidentally poison them

When donating hair for nest building, it is best to remember that the dog is not freshly wormed. Sprayed with strong anti-tick or anti-flea preparations, fur can harm birds. It is not known how the tiny bodies of these animals will react to high concentrations of these harmful compounds.

It is also worth making it easier for birds to access dog hair. Instead of leaving it loose on the grass, it is better to arrange it in clumps, they can be tied or fixed with clothespins. It’s a good idea to put more fur in a paper bag or basket so the wind doesn’t blow it away. Some put dog hair in bird feeders. Whichever option you choose, it will be an indispensable aid for breeding animals.

@viralhog This tuckered out Golden Retriever doesn't mind donating some fur to this little bird's nest. 😂🐕🐦 #viralhog#adorable#dogsoftiktok#birds#donation ♬ original sound – ViralHog

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