What You Need To Be Prepared For If You Want To Have A Bull Terrier

Bull Terrier facts

The Bull Terrier is an English breed with a strong-willed character. This dog is not for everyone. His ancestors terriers gave the breed agility and courage, and bulldogs – perseverance, endurance and unbending will. Before deciding to have such a dog, carefully read these Bull Terrier facts, in order to know what you need to be prepared for.

Gentle with children

Looking at this dog, it is difficult to imagine that with massive jaws and powerful muscles it is capable of showing tenderness. Many Bull Terrier owners claim that their pets are ready to demonstrate their loyalty and tenderness to the owner with every act.

By his behavior in the company of the owner, a bull terrier can mislead passers-by, who also want to stroke him, which the dog is unlikely to like. The Bull Terrier cannot stay alone for a long time, it needs constant contact with its owner.

These dogs love children, they are great companions for a child of any age due to their energy and strong constitution. Like many terriers, these dogs are often jealous and need to be taught to share from an early age. Without proper training, they will grow naughty.

They also dislike being teased, and such actions can be aggressively regarded.

Bull Terrier facts

Loyal to the owners

Proper upbringing of a puppy will make a truly loyal friend out of a bull terrier. It is more suitable for families with an energetic lifestyle, will perfectly fit into their environment as a friend and companion.

The pet is ready to constantly lie at the feet of the owner, follow him with his tail and try to help in any business. Wherever the owner calls, at any moment the bull terrier is ready to go after him even to the ends of the world. This kind of unconditional dedication can sometimes be problematic for owners.

The Bull Terrier’s confidence in the owner is truly unlimited. A dog of this breed will become aggressive next to a nervous, angry and insecure person, so it is important not to overestimate your strengths when choosing a Bull Terrier as a pet.

Relations with representatives of this breed must be built on respect, without violence and aggression, in this case the dog will answer you in full reciprocity.

Bull Terrier facts

Rigorous parenting

Any experienced dog breeder will tell you that raising a bull terrier is a difficult task. He will not perceive a nervous and cruel person as a leader who offends or hits his dog. The Bull Terrier will obey only the one he respects, and his respect must be earned.

You should always remain the leader for your pack and the main thing for your pet, upbringing will require rigidity from you, you should not be led. The animal will obey and serve faithfully to a balanced and calm leader.

Representatives of this breed are very capricious, extremely active and curious. Your task will be to channel this energy into a peaceful channel and keep your pet busy with the upbringing process. It is important that this dog never show aggression towards people.

Distinguished by strength and tenacity, the bull terrier can be dangerous to humans. Remember that the owner must take full responsibility for the actions of his pet. If a bull terrier is properly raised and lives in an adequate family, he cannot threaten others in any way.


Having invented dog fighting, the British did not get entertainment for the faint of heart: the dogs fought to the death, tearing each other to shreds. However, this blood call, which is highly developed in this breed, applies mainly to other animals.

With all its appearance, the bull terrier should intimidate, and it will certainly use its large mouth with sharp fangs at the opportunity.

The aggressive entity can make itself felt during walks without a muzzle, the dog can suddenly become angry with other animals. To avoid guilt for the dire consequences of such meetings, you need to exercise daily with a bull terrier.

Death grip

A dog of this breed poses a particular danger to other animals, reacts violently to cats. It is also better not to keep the bull terrier with other animals, the instinct of the leader inherent in it will not allow other pets to receive the attention of the owner in his presence.

This dog is characterized by a bulldog grip, agility of a terrier, courage, endurance and a desire to win. The jaws can nibble on a cat or small dog without opening their teeth. You will have to use a stick as a lever to open the jaws.

The Bull Terrier will not open its teeth, despite all the efforts of people.

Bull Terrier facts

Insensitive to Pain

The Bull Terrier’s insensitivity to pain makes it a dangerous foe. Throughout his life, the owner of such a dog must prove his superiority.

Awakening in a dog aggression towards a person through training, you can get an unpredictable animal. Once feeling the adrenaline in a fight, the Bull Terrier will strive to fight again and again.

Of course, the Bull Terrier, like any other animal, feels pain, albeit to a lesser extent, but due to its unique willpower it never shows weakness during a fight.

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