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“What’s Wrong With My Cat?” The Online Group Where Owners Share Their “Malfunctioning ” Cats Photos

It’s incredible how little we all know about our furry friends we love such a lot. Now, we’re sure about it, and we’ve proofs that cats seem to adore sleep in odd positions, pack up and have a strange logic, but that’s not all.

Did you know that there’s a subreddit dedicated to cats caught acting strange. But very rare. Here we introduce you to r / WhatsWrongWithYourCat’s most “broken” cats that either need repairs or we’ve no idea what is wrong with them.

You cannot help but love them madly, be sad when they are unwell and of course, perform millions of games and beauty sessions with them. But many times, they do funny things that we will remember for years and even if they are no longer with us, it is inevitable, remember those moments and smile. Many will say that it is an anthropomorphism, but who can stop us laughing when things happen that could be happening to a friend or family member?

If the internet has taught us anything in recent years, it is how fun cats can be. The animal preferred by the network does not disappoint and is always able to make us smile with its funny videos and photographs.

Our feline friends have the potential to make us so happy because they are totally unpredictable and spontaneous

Cats have dominated social media and will continue to do so thanks to their unique and brilliant personalities. As long as people have cats, social networks will continue to be an endless source of entertainment for all lovers of these animals.

Cats are animals with a great capacity to win the heart of any human being. Anyone who has a cat in their home knows that a cute look, rubbing against our leg or some “sweet” scratches are enough to win all our admiration.



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