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The Whippet also known as the English Whippet or Snap Dog is a slender, muscular and sporty dog. These dogs represent the ideal balance between strength and power, and grace and elegance, with a perfect complexion for work and speed. Their coatings are thin and short and can be presented in different colors.

Adult males measure 47-51 cm and females 44-47 cm. They usually weigh between 12.5 and 13.5 kilograms.



The whippet was developed during the latter part of the 19th century from dogs of various sporting, hunting and running breeds, including greyhounds.

They were bred for running and their ability to reach a speed of 56 km / h makes them ideal for track racing. This breed was adopted by the miners of northeastern England, great dog racing enthusiasts, who also used them for hunting because they easily caught rabbits and hares.

At first, he was also called “Snapdog” for his ability to kill rats and rabbits all at once. Although still used as a working and racing dog, his main role today is that of companion.


The Whippet is a noble, patient, tolerant and loving dog. Although they are very competitive when they run, they remain soft and flexible dogs.

They can become almost hysterical and need the understanding of their owners. Very affectionate with their loved ones, in the good home, they will be very enriching companions.


The Whippet is a breed that generally enjoys good health, with few known problems in this breed.



These dogs start running abruptly, but they also have the vitality to spend a whole day doing much needed exercise.

They will love walking or running with their owners and, although they need daily exercises, they are not very demanding. An adult whippet will usually need one hour of exercise.


Small dogs have a fast metabolism, which means that they burn energy at a very high rate. This means that with such a small stomach, they should eat little but often.

Small breed foods are specifically designed with adequate proportions of essential nutrients and smaller feed grains suitable for smaller mouths. It also stimulates chewing and improves digestion.


The Whippet will appreciate a regular cleaning, even if it should be carefully kept, brushed with soft brushes and handled with care, because its fur is very fine and sensitive.

Any shampoo you use should be gentle and without any aggressive ingredients, as it could cause reactions on such sensitive skin.

Whippet Breed Highlights

Positive points

  • The whippet is a dog of good size, neither too big nor too small.
  • This dog does not suffer from many health problems.
  • The whippet is affectionate and devoted by nature.
  • It is the perfect choice for anyone who leads an active outdoor lifestyle.
  • It is a moderate shedder.
  • The whippet does not have that “dog” smell that other breeds.

Negative points

  • The whippet is smart, but can be slower to learn new things, which can make training a bit more difficult.
  • The whippet is very active and must be subjected to a lot of vigorous exercise at the age of maturity.
  • Houses and gardens should be well protected from puppies.
  • We know that puppies are destructive at home, but they tend to get out of this type of behavior unless they are bored.
  • The whippet has a very great sense of prey.
  • It has a very thin skin that can easily be damaged when it is exercised.
  • The whippet is quite independent and often turns a deaf ear to the “reminder” command if he finds something more interesting in the distance even if he always returns.

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