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A Whippet dog can be considered unique in the sense that, being an ideal hunter, it gets along well in an apartment. This animal surprisingly combines qualities such as hunter’s instinct, friendliness and calmness.

The whippet does not bark for no reason and does not bother the household with howling, there will be no particular trouble with him. Instead of hassle, you get a loyal, cheerful friend in the form of a whippet.

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Physical characteristics

Whippet is a slender, muscular and athletic dog. In its appearance, strength and power are harmoniously combined with grace and elegance. Due to the structure of the body, these greyhounds are very fast and sturdy dogs. Their coat is beautiful and short. Different colors and color combinations are available.

The height of adult males is 47-51 cm, females 44-47 cm, and the weight is 10 – 14 kg and 7 – 12 kg respectively.


Distinctive features

  • Head: The skull is flat in shape, fairly broad between the eyes and distinctly tapering towards the muzzle. The stop is weak.
  • Jaws: Strong. Scissor bite.
  • Ears: Small, soft, pink.
  • Eyes: The eyes are sharp, almond-shaped, with a happy glow and an attentive gaze. The color of the iris ranges from light amber to dark chocolate.
  • Frame: The body is harmoniously shaped with a slightly convex top. The neck is elongated, muscular with a slight graceful curvature. The back is long, wide, athletic. The loin is firm and strong. Chest relief, deep.
  • Limbs: The forelegs are vertical, set not wide. The shoulder blades are oblique, tight fitting to the body with the elbows. The hind limbs are much stronger than the forelimbs. The thighs are compacted, the hocks are slightly lowered. The paws are not very large, the toes are arched.
  • Coat: The coat is very short and dense. The color can be any, but gray, black and brindle are more common.

Character and behavior

Balanced, affectionate and gentle – this is a whippet. This dog desperately needs the care, attention and love of the owner. He tries to be with people all the time. Among all existing sighthounds, the whippet is the most affectionate. Trying to participate in all household chores, the dog shows how much he loves all members of the house.

He does not behave friendly and is not wary of strangers. With a good upbringing, he shows restraint, but affably only looks at his close family, well-known people. If socialization is not done in time, the Whippet can become shy and nervous.

With the children

Children are treated friendly, they are happy to participate in children’s games, but they do not tolerate excessive pranks, they immediately stop communicating and leave with dignity.

With other animals

Friendships are established with other pets, cats are simply tolerated. Dogs are favored, but small animals like rodents are seen as a hunting trophy.


During walks, one should not forget about the pronounced hunting instinct and the passion to chase your pet, carefully control its behavior. Because, after seeing potential prey, the greyhound can get lost in the excitement of the hunt.


The whippet has extremely good health, so there are few breed diseases:

  • Diseases of the eyes.
  • Deafness is often congenital.
  • Von Willebrand’s disease is a hereditary disease in which there is a violation of blood clotting, spontaneous bleeding.

Life expectancy

On average, with good, proper maintenance, a whippet can live 12-15 years.


The very short coat gives the Whippet a speed advantage. Grooming requires combing once a week, and that will suffice. Be sure to keep your pet’s ears and eyes clean and bathe your dog once or twice a month. The nails are cut every 10 days.


The Whippet breed is very sensitive to cold, so it is easy for him to catch a cold. Buy a special sweater or jumpsuit for your pet so they’re comfortable when it’s cold, rainy or snowy outside.


These dogs start running abruptly, but they also have the vitality to spend a whole day doing much needed exercise.

They will love walking or running with their owners and, although they need daily exercises, they are not very demanding. An adult whippet will usually need one hour of exercise.

Fun facts

  • In the paintings with the images of the goddess Diana, next to her, in almost all cases, flaunts a small-sized dog, in appearance it is almost a complete copy of a whippet.
  • In the homeland of the Whippet, it is often called the “bull terrier among greyhounds”.
  • In the Louvre there is an exhibit in the form of a sculpture of a dog exactly like a Whippet. The sculpture dates back to the 5th century BC.
  • Whippet is able to detect a hare in a matter of seconds, using his scent, and in a couple of seconds to overtake him.
  • Representatives of the breed are capable of speeds up to 70 km / h.
  • “Move quickly, nimbly” is what the English word whippet means.
  • Whippet barks extremely rarely, if you hear the voice of a greyhound, it means that it notifies about something important.

History of the breed

For a long time, the Whippet breed was called the Small Greyhound. It is the most popular type of greyhound in all countries of the world. The homeland of the Whippet is England, namely Yorkshire and Lancashire.

The exact history of the origin of this greyhound has not been established. Several extravagant options are known:

  • According to legend, Whippets are divine dogs. They originally lived on Olympus and were the favorites of the goddess Artemis. Later, Artemis, wanting to give people a useful gift, presented them with Whippets. People called them “poor greyhound”. Since these dogs turned out to be ideal hunters for rabbits and other small animals. They cleared houses of rats and participated in dog races, raising money for the owners.
  • In the nineteenth century, miners in Britain bred Whippets to participate in dog races and to hunt rabbits.
  • The Whippets entered Britain around 55 BC along with the Romans. They are considered the first representatives of this species in the British Isles.

In 1891, the English Kennel Club officially recognized the breed. Whippets are gaining popularity not only among the poor, but also among the rich, powerful people. Breeders try to get dogs with the maximum speed during breeding, capable of participating in dog races.

This kind of entertainment became more and more popular, new participants were needed. There are also exhibitions in which purebred Whippets take part.

The Whippet is the fastest breed in the world. Its maximum speed can be around 64-70 km / h. Hunters appreciate the ability to turn sharply on the run, turn around, almost without reducing speed during maneuvers.


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