That’s why cats love hanging out in this place! The mystery of thermophilic cats solved

why cats love hanging out in this place
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All cats love to lie down in warm places. An unscrewed radiator, a rug near the fireplace or a comfortable armchair covered with a thick blanket are the places these animals choose first. It turns out that domestic cats have a love for warm places in their genes. There are several reasons why cats make sure to warm their bodies as often as possible.

Every cat likes warmth

Every cat, whatever the season, loves to warm its body. The sight of a pet cat stretched out on a radiator or lying in the sun surprises no one. Even those with exceptionally dense and thick fur are characterized by this passion. It would seem that in the case of individuals generously endowed by nature, this type of behavior does not make much sense, especially in summer. However, it is worth remembering that every cat has the same wild ancestor. It is this “common heritage” that makes all cats love warm places.

Cats like heat because… they are warm themselves!

Many cat owners don’t realize that these animals have a much higher body temperature than humans. While for us the physiological norm is 36.6°C, in the case of pet cats, it is completely normal for their body temperature to remain between 38 and 39°C. This is why we often think of cats as “friendly” – they actually are. Therefore, these animals have to put more effort into finding a place that will allow them to maintain optimal body temperature relatively easily.

“Saving” heat is a way to survive

Being in a cold environment causes cats to use a lot of energy to maintain their body temperature. This is why pet cats do everything they can to use as few valuable resources as possible for this purpose. Seen in this light, lounging on radiators is not a sign of laziness, but rather common sense. After all, you never know when your energy supply will be needed to escape a threat. It is always better to have excess energy on hand rather than spending it on such a mundane activity as maintaining body temperature.

It should be added that the ancestors of domestic cats come from northeastern Africa. In this part of the world, the air temperature exceeds 30°C most of the year. Cats were literally born to live in warm climates. It’s completely natural for them to be attracted to heat.

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