Why do cats not like touch belly

Last Updated on October 9, 2021 by Pets Feed

Most cats, with a few exceptions, are particularly reluctant to have their bellies touched. They can even react aggressively with bites and scratches.

Why do they have such a reaction when touching their belly? Let’s figure it out)

Despite their reputation as independent animals, the truth is that cats form strong emotional bonds with their guardians. Besides sleeping, preening, and playing, cats love to be petted and petted. They have body parts that will definitely delight the cat when petted there, the back or the neck.

However, when the hands move towards the belly, their reaction is the opposite of the satisfied purr they usually emit. Why it happens?

The situation usually develops as follows: the cat lazily stretches, rolls over onto its back to expose its belly, the person strokes it and in response receives bites and scratches. It would seem that they should like the caress of the belly, since it is so soft and attractive, but this is the problematic part.

In the lower abdomen of a cat – the stomach and abdominal cavity, sensitive organs. At the bottom, they have their vital organs and should be especially protected in these areas when the cat is out in the wild. While human intent may be pure, many cats will interpret this as an attack. At the very least, they can feel vulnerable.

Why do cats show their bellies?

To learn how to treat cats properly, you need to start by learning the cat’s body language. In particular, why do they expose their bellies. Unlike what many cat owners may believe, this position is not an invitation to pet them.

Rather, it is a position that indicates contentment, well-being, or relaxation. The cat tries to tell the owners that she feels comfortable and calm on this side. This is a positive statement, but it does not mean that they want to be touched there.

Should I avoid touching a cat’s belly?

You need to understand that each cat is different. While many cats hate having their belly touched, others may not have as many problems with it.

This is why one needs to be informed about feline communication and feline body language. You also need to spend enough time with your cat to find out their individual preferences.

It’s safe to say that if the cat allows its belly to be stroked, it is probably a sign that there is a healthy relationship and a strong bond of trust between the owner and the cat.

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